Alien Deception – Entertainment Front Lines Official Trailer 1

January 3, 2019 - By 

Think of a time when you thought you had control over your mind Now, think of a time when you let anything into your subconscious. Have WE been led to a critical junction by unseen forces? What does this mean for the future of mankind? What have you been trained to believe about UFOs and Aliens?

Have you been deceived? Are you waiting for something to show up? In this groundbreaking documentary film, the veil will be lifted. Your eyes will be opened, as the truth is exposed like never before. We are not alone, but they are not what you think. Disclosure is near, so what will be the event? The one event that will fool the global population in these last days?
Find out soon, as we uncover “The Alien Deception Entertainment Frontlines”

Check out the first official trailer for the upcoming documentary film by Chris Taylor, The Alien Deception: Entertainment Front Lines. Please give it a like, share and subscribe for updates related to the release of the final production.

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