Christian Carnival 02:23:2011

February 23, 2011| Legion of Skills

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Christian Blog Carnival. The carnival highlights christian thought in the blogosphere by offering readers a broad range of christian thought, it is open to Christians of Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic convictions. If you’ve never participated before, it’s a great way to make your writings known amongst the community. Check out all the entries below, you should find something of interest, Enjoy!

Biblical Greek Adventures – Part 1

Why study biblical Greek? We discussed this a little bit last week, but I want to hit on it more fully here. The great reformer Martin Luther in his “To the Councilmen of All Cities in Germany, that They Establish and Maintain Christian Schools” put it this way… Read Article

Author: Philip
Blog: Science and Theology in Apposition

Atheism and Agnosticism (really, apisticism) as Belief

A common claim of many atheists is that atheism is not a belief, but a lack of one. However, a lack of belief in either a theist or atheist direction is… Read Article

Author: Maryann Spikes
Blog: Modesto & SF Apologetics

Get-Rich-Quick Mentality Leads to Poverty

The millions of people who think they will get rich quick buy buying lottery tickets. They spend years and years (even decades!) spending money on the chance they will hit it big. In reality,… Read Article

Free Money Finance

Of Heroes and Idols

I recently heard that one of my favorite authors, Sinclair Ferguson, has written a new series of biographies for children. The first three books in this “Heroes of the Faith” series (there are more to come) tell the stories of Polycarp, Ignatius, and Irenaeus….. Read Article

Author: Barry Wallace
Blog: Who Am I ?

Purpose of Money | Using Finances for the Kingdom

What is the purpose of money? God has given us money as a result of our work. Each day we labor, we receive money in exchange for that labor using our time and talents… Read Article

Author: Jason Price
One Money Design


Sometimes I think we forget that we’re a part of the family of God. We wallow in our issues on earth, and we struggle with how to get through life. And God says, “Have a full understanding of everything you have in Christ.”…. Read Article

Author: Ridge Burns
Blog: Ridge’s Blog

Arriving in Karamoja 2/3/11

On Thursday, we left Jinja for Karamoja. It was me, Tom, Jean, Ryan, and Miriam. We were pretty crammed into the back of a land cruiser, which was filled to overflowing with supplies and chicks…. Read Article

Author: Michelle
Blog: Going into all the Earth

She Lost Her Only Child

Susan had nothing to live for. Not anymore. Her only child, the joy of her life and the life in her joy was dead. They only wanted her money, but they took much more when they killed her only daughter….Read Article

Author: Kaleb
W2W Soul


Determining what the Bible Really Says

Newsweek is right —the battle over determining what the Bible really says is an old one, older than the many of the stories in the Scriptures themselves….. Read Article

Author: Russ White
Blog: Thinking in Christ

Review: Adopted for Life

In Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches, Russell Moore has two things he wants to tell you about adoption: 1. If you’re a Christian, you’ve been adopted into the family of Christ. 2. Because of that, you should be more open to the idea of adopting strangers into your family…. Read Article

Author: Chris Brooks
Blog: Homeward Bound

Escaping the Entanglement of Porn

I grew up in a Christian home all my life, but when I left home I became addicted to porn. I went to church every Sunday but I could not stop my insatiable appetite for porn….. Read Article

Author: Brandon Peters

On being a Shepherd

I have noticed a very interesting trend lately. It is a trend that to the outsider would seem completely foreign, but to those in the church…. Read Article

Author: Doug McCulloch
Blog: Comments for Christian Gun Owners Association

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  1. Deb W

    Great job with the Carnival this week!! Any idea where next week is being hosted? The Host list is empty going forward. Thanks!

    1. loswl Post author

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I don’t know who the next host will be, seems like March is still empty or just not posted yet.

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