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April 27, 2011| Legion of Skills

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Christian Carnival. This week marks the end of the yearly celebration of Christ victory on the cross and his triumphant resurrection! As we continue to reflect on what Christ has done to enable us to be free from the bondage of sin, lets continue to lift each other up in good works and continue to spread the good news to the world. This carnival deals with a variety of topics such as Sports, Easter reflections, Philosophy, Finance and personal challenges.  A big thanks to all who sent in their entries, check them out and Enjoy Christian Carnival!

I Dreamt of a Palm Sunday Service

It’s Palm Sunday. The children go to the front of the church carrying palm branches. Selected ones tell the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. This plays out in many churches on Palm Sunday… Read Article

Author: Diane R
Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet

Evidence for Easter Evidence for Easter

High time for some evidence behind the claim that Jesus died and rose again to demonstrate he loves us as himself… Read Article

Author: Maryann Spikes

Forgetfulness of the Cross

Two years ago, around Easter, I posted a couple of excerpts from the book Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross, one by Tim Keller and one by James Montgomery Boice. If you’re looking for a collection of good Easter meditations, I recommend this little book… Read Article

Author: Barry Wallace
Blog: who am i?

An Honest Atonement That Worked

Just like how my faith was rescued by the resurrection of the Son of God, my theology was generally rescued by Christ’s crucifixion. But to see how that works, I have to give some general preliminaries of what others say…. Read Article

Author: Rey Reynoso
Blog: The Bible Archive

Why I Believe in the Resurrection

Since we have just come out of Easter, I thought I would share why I believe in the resurrection of Jesus. These are not “proofs.” If you have already decided you do not believe in the resurrection, these reasons are not likely to change your mind…. Read Article

Author: Stephen Bedard
Blog: Apologia

Is God good?

I’ve cried out in anguish with a sorrow so deep there were not words to attach to the prayer. I’ve cried out in anger over sliced hot dogs, snipped drawstrings and safety fences that in the end were not enough to spare my little boy from a terrible accident… Read Article

Author: Dana
Roscommon Acres

I Use These 49 Bible Verses To Help Build My Christian Identity

In an article I published, I listed 10 Bible verses that help to build  the Christian identity.  I also use the following 49 Bible verses/affirmations as well and I would like to share those with you… Read Article

Author: Dave Harper
Holy Ghost Revelation

Our Baggage Claim

I challenge all of us to take a glimpse into our lives and determine just what kind of baggage we’re carrying around that is hindering us from developing relationships with others… Read Article

Author: Marisa
Me, You, and Creamed Corn

Thirsty for Philosophy

As long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by people’s stories, reports from their recollected and reflected-on consciousness of what life was like for them, and the conclusions they drew from their human experiences… Read Article

Author: Isabel Anders

It is Well With My Soul

Horatio Spafford lost everything; everything– except his faith.  His only son died at the age of four; the great Chicago fire of 1871 ruined his successful law practice and shortly thereafter, he lost all four of his daughters when the ship they were traveling on, crashed and sank… Read Article

Author: Kaleb
W2W Soul

Consensual Sex Revisited

“To be clear, our position is neither an endorsement nor rejection of homosexuality. Frankly, we do not care. How consenting adults choose to live their lives is none of our business.”…. Read Article

Author: Clinton Chisholm
The Chisholm Source

A Resilient Life

If I had the money, I’d put this book into the hands of just about everyone I know. A Resilient Life: You Can Move Ahead No Matter What by Gordon MacDonald is a book that speaks gently yet firmly into so many areas of life… Read Article

Author: Rodney Olsen
Blog: Beyond Belief

Questions regarding first chapter of Craig’s “Reasonable Faith”

I love this quote from the introduction to Reasonable Faith: “Like a missionary called to reach some obscure people group, the Christian apologist is burdened to reach that minority of persons who will respond to rational argument and evidence.”… Read Article

Author: Maryann Spikes

Love Does Win

All Christians can agree that love does, in fact, win. Today, as Time magazine publishes an issue highlighting Rob Bell’s thesis about how hell is not permanent, that God will bring every living soul through to salvation before eternity is done… Read Article

Author: Russ White
Blog: Thinking in Christ


Today, I learned about a tiny little nation called Comoros. It is an African nation, a little island off the coast of Mozambique. The largest religion of this nation is Islam. They have a population of almost 700,000 people. Sixty-seven percent of the population is unreached,… Read Article

Author: Michelle
Blog: finding God’s way…


The word ‘type’ is a self-antonym. As used in Christian theology, a type is something that looks forward or back to an anti-type. The usual idea is that the type is a partial or incomplete reality looking toward a more complete reality. So David is a type of Jesus as a precursor of a Messiah with some messianic elements…. Read Article

Author: Jeremy Pierce
Blog: Parableman

Our Fellowship with God – Bible Study

God is light. Think of an example of carrying a candle or lamp with you. Can you be hidden? Can you be in the darkness? If you are walking with God, if you have fellowship with him, you will not continue to walk in the darkness…. Read Article

Author: Christian Amit
Blog: Free Inductive Bible Study Guides & Topics

Meaningless, Meaningless. Is Money Really Meaningless?

If you read through the book of Ecclesiastes, you’ll notice that the author uses the phrase ‘meaningless, meaningless’ to describe almost everything. He actually says “I observed everything going on under the sun, and really, it is all meaningless – like chasing the wind.” (Ecc. 1:14 NLT)Read Article

Author: Tim Fraticelli
Faith and Finance

Football and Jesus

My husband will be the first person to mock my sports knowledge. He likes to quiz me when we’re watching ESPN, which I find ridiculous. I thought the T and C on the Minnesota Twins’ hats stood for Cincinnati and Toronto… Read Article

Author: Courtney Kleppinger
In His ocean I’m ankle deep

Game 6, Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks

Our son is getting married in October, and we got to spend Easter with his fiancée’s family. We particularly enjoyed Mike and Jane O’Laughlin, who are such gracious hosts. Mike, R.W.’s future father-in-law, invited me to accompany him to Game 6 of the Chicago Blackhawks’ hockey series with Vancouver… Read Article

Author: Ridge Burns
Blog: Ridge’s Blog

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    This has to be the best Carnival yet. The entries were exceptional and I really loved your layout, fonts and especially the carefully-thought-out graphics. Thanks,

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