Christian Carnival 05:02:2012

May 2, 2012| Legion of Skills
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Welcome to the May 2, 2012 edition of Christian Carnival. Each week, we bring together a selection of the best christian articles from across the web. Whether you’d like to read the top posts from your favorite site, or would like to discover something completely new, this is the best place to start! The carnival deals with a variety of topics, so look through the articles and you should find something of interest. A big thanks to all who sent in their entries. Join our Facebook page, Enjoy!


Live Life!

Live Life! by Forgiven!


True Stillwater presents Fear, Faith, and the Good Fight

posted at Letters, Messages, and Prayers

They say let go, let God. But somehow that doesn’t get rid of the squeezing pain in my chest. I believe the loving hand of God is watching and guiding us, but that doesn’t stop the blood from rushing to my head when panic sets in….. Read More



prayer by sidturner


True Stillwater presents An Answered Prayer

posted at Letters, Messages, and Prayers

I was having an awful morning. I had just dropped little A off at school and got back into my car to head down to Fairfax to go to work. I laid my head on the steering wheel. It was all too much. Too many responsibilities. Too many bills. Fixing the house. … Read More


Peace_Wallpaper [personal]

Peace_Wallpaper by Alyssasezello

Adron Dozat presents Where To Find Personal Peace

posted at God Loves You Thoughts–by Adron

We all want peace, not just world peace but peace within ourselves that is free from guilt, shame and regret. Where do we find it, and how can we personally have it?…Read More



Keleb presents How to Avoid Sin

posted at W2W Soul

As we live and breathe, we’re tempted. Temptation is unavoidable especially in a material world where images and words bombard us and incite us to sin.  At one time or another, we all fall short and we all sin, however, there are some measures we can implement to avoid temptation….Read More


standing at the cross by scotthughesphoto

standing at the cross by scotthughesphoto


Michael S. Horton presents Debating Calvinism, Part 1

posted at Relevant Magazine

There’s probably no other issue in popular Christianity as argued or debated as Calvinism. Whether it’s a dorm room, a Sunday school class, a dinner table, a church meeting or a classroom, chances are, there’s been an argument about election, sovereignty and free will. It’s a theological battle royale, argued by scholars and blog commenters alike. ….Read More


Envy's Table (Eight Hidden Keys)

Envy’s Table (Eight Hidden Keys) by ArteZoe


Tim Challies presents The Lost Sin of Envy

posted at Challie

A little while ago God did what he sometimes does and rather suddenly made it very clear to me that I had a sin in my life—a prominent sin—that had somehow been hidden to me. It surprised just how prevalent this sin was, how ugly, and how little I knew about it…..Read More



David C. McCasland  presents Who you’re Meant to Be

posted at Our Daily Bread

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” Quoting those words of St. Catherine of Siena, the Bishop of London began his message to Prince William and Kate Middleton at their wedding in Westminster Abbey…..Read More


Mike Shanta presents Trails, Why Is Life So Hard?

posted at Your Spirit Mind and Body

Trials are a part of life and they are what help shape and develop our character, which in turn, helps us to be more like Christ. I think there might be something in the above scriptures that we often overlook though; I certainly know I did for years. That thing I’m talking about is praying in faith instead of praying in hope……Read More


Jonathan Milligan presents  3 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut!

posted at Simple Life Habits

Are you in a rut today? It has been often said that a rut is a coffin with two ends kicked out. Sometimes we do not always feel like we are progressing. We feel stuck in cement. Esentially going nowhere. Meanwhile, everything else around us seems to be living out in fast forward…….Read More


Rodney Olsen presents Chatting with Jason Upton

posted at Beyond Belief

The story of how Jason Upton met his biological mother is inspiring and a remarkable testimony to God’s work in the lives of those who love him……Read More


Ridge Burns presents Something Is Wrong Here

posted at Ridge’s Blog

Ridge Burns urges us to consider what unnecessary barriers we place in the way of people coming to Christ…….Read More


Jeff Mould presents Dr. Grace

posted at InFaith’s Mission Blog

The death of a favorite former professor got Jeff Mould thinking about character and reputation……..Read More


Brad Duncan presents The Ubiquitous Other

posted at Grace Emerges

There is a group of people that have a background role in the gospels and epistles, a group of people we can call “the ubiquitous other.” They are everywhere. They are the common man……Read More


Charis Psallo presents Letting go

posted at Charis: Subject to Change

This is a poem about recovery from abuse and serious depression. Forgiveness is a necessary but very difficult step, but leads to healing……Read More


Jeff LeMaster presents Mirror Ball

posted at No End to Books (Reviews)

Imagine a mirror “disco” ball in the dark. Not very impressive, is it? You and I are not very impressive either. But when the brilliant light of God illuminates our lives, suddenly intense beams of light burst in every direction, and all can get a taste of the greatness and grandeur of God as He shines through our lives…….Read More


Michael presents The Rapture: A Biblical Analysis

posted at Prayers for Special Help

What does the Bible say about “The Rapture”. Many people are surprised to find out that the word “rapture” isn’t actually in the bible. Let’s examine what the Bible does say about end times……..Read More


Kirra Antrobus presents The Inclusive and Exclusive Gospel

posted at Thoughtful

This is the last in my series on the seven I Am statements in the book of John, and probably the most controversial of the seven………Read More


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