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August 24, 2011| loswl

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Christian Carnival. Each week, we bring together a selection of the best articles from across the web. Whether you’d like to read the top posts from your favorite site, or would like to discover something completely new, this is the best place to start! The carnival deals with a variety of topics, so look through the articles and you should find something of interest. A big thanks to all who sent in their entries. Join our Facebook page,   Enjoy!



Financial Boundaries: The Jackson Bailout Plan

I was 19…maybe 20 years old…and had an amazing life. I was earning a ton of money working at a trendy in Dallas, living in a fabulous Dallas studio over a nightclub, driving a new Mustang convertible, had a personal shopping assistant …. Read Article

Author: Anne Jackson



10 Great Wedding Bible Verses and Readings

There are many great verses and scripture readings to use at a wedding ceremony. A wedding Bible verse can talk about love, the marriage relationship, faith, how to treat others, God’s purpose for marriage or other topics…. Read Article

Author: Josh
What Christians Want To Know



The Existence of Evil: Part 1

How can a good, all-powerful and loving God allow evil to exist in our world?” We have all heard the question asked a thousand times. I recently wrestled with this topic walking through Auschwitz… Read Article

Author: Zowada
Blog: Zowada Blog




How to Change Your Life for the Better

There are simple habits that if you apply them to your life they can help. Here are some of the more important habits that you should develop….. Read Article

Author: Jonathan Milligan
Blog: Simple Life Habits




Is Fantasy Fiction Suitable for Christians?

What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects.” CS Lewis, God in the Dock…. Read Article

Author: Sally Apokedak
Blog: Sally Apokedak




Are You Living in the Now?

When someone is talking to you, you are hearing things, but are you listening? When you are driving, is your mind on the road or are you thinking about something else? … Read Article

Author: Charles Chua C K
All About Living With Life




Leaving Your Children an Inheritance – Rethinking the Issue

In my post, “Should You Leave an Inheritance to Your Children?”, I concluded that giving some inheritance to my children while I am still alive is a good idea… Read Article

Author: Joe Plemon
Personal Finance By The Book



Chasing Financial Independence…To Where?

Financial independence is a buzzword in today’s time.  Certainly there will be a little variety to our definitions, but the overall idea seems to be:  build wealth until you are independent of any need for earning income… Read Article

Author: Jason Price
One Money Design



The Book of Biebs: Cathleen Falsani’s Belieber! Fame, Faith, and the Heart of Justin Bieber

“Parents would do well to pay close attention to their children’s passions,” writes Cathleen Falsani in her new book on pop singing sensation Justin Bieber, Belieber!Read Article

Author: Isabel Anders



 More God Stories

Our missionaries are required to write a story each month. Recently, I wrote a post about two young boys who brought their stuffed animals to VBS and how our staff reacted to that…. Read Article

Author: Ridge Burns
Ridge’s Blog




It Is My Life and I’ll Do What I Want With It!

Rather a bold, confrontational, in your face kind of statement isn’t it. Generally, it is made by individuals who try to defend their life style when it is called into question… Read Article

Author: Hannah
W2W Soul



Green Romance: 8 Ways to Make Your Love Life More Environmentally Friendly

We love to love, but if you love the planet too, you may want to implement a few green techniques into your love life. It doesn’t have to mean poor hygiene and candle lit dinners over raw food… Read Article

Author: Cindy McDonald
Blog: Christian Dating Sites



Five Tips for Setting Up Your Profile on a Catholic Dating Website

Setting up the right profile when joining a Catholic dating site is essential to snagging a date. Most people signing up for a Catholic dating website typically brings in quality dating candidates for a person to choose from… Read Article

Author: Erica St. Claire
Catholic Dating Sites



 Even if it Breaks our Hearts

I’ve never met this young couple, although I once knew several members of their extended family well.  This is a deeply moving story of one young family’s loss, and a sovereign God’s tender care for them… Read Article

Author: Barry Wallace
Blog: who am i?




Joii Cooper The Male Counterpart

One day my husband and I were talking about the Proverbs 31 woman. Of course so many women have read and tried to pattern themselves after this Biblical example. … Read Article

Author: Joii Cooper
Blog: A Full Day




MichelleIs it Dividing You? Day 15

There is no hiding from God. He knows everything. You can’t fake your way through life, pretending to love, pretending to do justly, pretending to be humble. Oh, you may fool people here and there, but not God….. Read Article

Author: Michelle
Blog: And She Went Out…



Thoughts on Revelation

Last night I finished the Book of Revelation (c. AD 68-70). In my teens and early twenties, I was literally obsessed with eschatology, reading tons of material promoting and critiquing the dozens of different viewpoints Christians have on the “end times….. Read Article

Author: Aoide Melete Mneme
Blog: à la mode de les Muses



Jacob Was …..

Jacob was a cheater,  Peter had a temper,  David had an affair,  Noah got drunk,  Jonah ran from God,  Paul was a murderer,… Read Article

Author: Annette
Fish and Cans




The Just and the Justifier

Over a half-century ago, Donald Grey Barnhouse, pastor of Philadelphia’s Tenth Presbyterian Church at the time, asked his congregation, “What would things look like if Satan actually took over a city?”… Read Article

Author: Deb
All Things New




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