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December 8, 2010| Legion of Skills

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Christian Blog Carnival. The carnival highlights christian thought in the blogosphere by offering readers a broad range of christian thought, it is open to Christians of Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic convictions. If you’ve never participated before, it’s a great way to make your writings known amongst the community. Check out all the entries below, you should find something of interest, Enjoy!

‘Tis the Season for Giving

Giving Gifts In SecretGiving Gifts In Secret – Shhh!

Have you ever given a gift in secret? What did it feel like? Was it like a secret mission, with all the exhilaration of a well executed plot? If you haven’t before, can you imagine the excitement of doing so?…

Author: John Frainee
Christian Personal Finance
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Giving Grows Your Net Worth

A few weeks ago I spoke at a church luncheon. The topic was “money myths” and focused on several statements that most people consider to be true about money — but are actually false…

Author: FMF
Blog: Free Money Finance
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The Toy Section The Toy Section

Giving Gifts In Secret – Shhh!

Have you ever given a gift in secret? What did it feel like? Was it like a secret mission, with all the exhilaration of a well executed plot? If you haven’t before, can you imagine the excitement of doing so?…

Author: Diane R
Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet
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Life With God


We Are Not Beggars!We are not beggars!

I have a Bible program on my PC and several Bibles around the house, but I did not utilize any of those today. You see, I just got a my very first smartphone—and I put a Bible application on it! So this morning, I couldn’t resist the novelty of studying God’s word on my Android…..

Author: Crystal Rodli
In A Clay Pot
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To Treat One Another As HumansTo Treat One Another As Humans, Part 2b

Dealing with the gay-rights question requires us to deal with some questions of our own. We’re telling them God wants them to leave significant desires unfulfilled. We believe he can satisfy anyway. Or do we?….

Author: Tom Gilson
Thinking Christian
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How To Find Your Purpose In 1 Day

How To Find Your Purpose In 1 Day

It is common to wonder why we are on earth and what the point of it all is. Finding your own life’s purpose is natural for few, easy for some, but very hard for others….

Author: Nikoya Johnson
Personal Development
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Why God's Public Relations Experts are Still to Convince MeWhy God’s Public Relations Experts are Still to Convince Me

Is God a moral monster? Some of the arguments coming out in defense of God’s good name are perhaps not as solid as might first seem. This post takes on a couple of arguments about “God-directed genocide”….

Author: Ali
Kiwi and an Emu
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Being Content In PlentyBeing Content In Plenty

Contentment relates to a heart attitude in spite of possessions, or in spite of a lack of possessions. Pastor Mike said it this way: “Contentment is the desire for nothing [more].” It’s holding something, or nothing, in an open hand, and being satisfied with that…

Author: Chris Tomlinson
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How to Make People Feel Comfortable At Your ChurchHow to Make People Feel Comfortable At Your Church

Ever notice how we frequent a particular restaurant, coffee shop or gas station, because someone there makes us feel good or special? Shouldn’t churches show God’s love by having the same welcoming attitude for visitors and members?…

Author: Jim Edwards
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Peace on EarthPeace on Earth

Many of us in America, particularly in my age group, have never experienced war unless we were in the military. But war is horrible. It’s ugly. And there are parts of our world that are torn by war right now….

Author: Ridge Burns
Ridge’s Blog
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Honouring my mom’s scruples when it came to celebrating Halloween and wearing makeup were a pain when I was a kid. Does the old-fashioned word “scruple” have any place in a modern Christian’s vocabulary?…

Author: Violet N.
Other Food: Daily Devos
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Developing Youth Programs for Urban Teens-Part 1Developing Youth Programs for Urban Teens-Part 1

It was over 15 years ago when I was handed the keys to an old van, a list of 15 kids from one of Miami’s most crime-ridden communities, and given the assignment: “Your mission —should you choose to accept it…

Author: Tommy Carrington
Urban Training Network
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AdventAdvent: A Song of Salvation and Judgment

I wanted to take a minute to post one of my favorite Advent hymns. It’s a sobering reminder that Christ’s coming brings not only salvation, but also judgment–a reminder we all need…

Author: Barry Wallace
who am i?
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Fracture MechanicsFracture Mechanics and How it Relates to Our Sinful Nature

We Christians have also a spiritual yield strength—a spiritual potential–but in many cases fail to reach that potential because we fail at spiritual levels way below what we are capable of…

Author: Fadi
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Behind enemy lines: Christian life in a forced-secular world Behind Enemy Lines: Christian Life in a Forced-Secular World

If Christian life can be pictured as a spiritual battle, then how best to live life when we find ourselves behind enemy lines?…

Author: Weekend Fisher
Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength
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Day 36, Ester 1 – Job 7

Back when I was reading Samuel and Kings, I posted about how much I loved David’s story. I told you all how I asked my father to use David’s story for the eulogy of my cousin. He didn’t…

Author: Sarah Forte
Sarah reads the Bible in 90 days
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Dealing With Poor PerformanceDealing With Poor Performance: Lessons From Simon Cowell and Jesus Christ

I once had a basketball coach who was a nice guy. He cheered for me when I did well and he cheered for me when I didn’t do well. In fact, he was so nice that he seldom pointed out my mistakes.

Author: Joe Plemon
Blog: Personal Finance by The Book
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Books, Movies and Reviews


3 simple steps3 Simple Steps

This is a quick read ebook by David Simonsen, that looks at 3 core elements of a healthy relationship. Hope you enjoy…

Author: David Simonsen
Help 4 Life
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"All Israel" and Paul's Mission “All Israel” and Paul’s Mission

I recently got the brand new commentary on The First Letter to the Corinthians by Roy Ciampa and Brian Rosner. It is an excellent commentary for both layperson and scholar alike and I have found every page refreshing and enjoyable thus far…

Author: Carl
Theological Pursuit
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Chronicles of NarniaChronicles of Narnia – A Faith Journey

Our family went to a preview of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader last night. We’ve been excited about the movie for quite some time and so it was wonderful to finally see the latest in the series…

Author: Rodney Olsen
Beyond Belief
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Augustine on Free ChoiceAugustine on Free Choice

Augustine gives an argument (City of God Book V chapter IX, among other places) that I’ve always had little patience with. Here is R.W. Dyson’s translation of the City of God occurrence of it:…

Author: Jeremy Pierce
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