Former Muslim Naeem Meets Jesus

February 15, 2011 - By 
Former Muslim Naeem Meets Jesus

Former Muslim Naeem Meets Jesus – This powerful video, looks at the testimony at a former Muslim, who met Jesus in an unexpected way. Watch this life changing story that tells of the witness of his brother, that took the time to share the Gospel, see the power of Christ that continues to change lives all around the world.

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  • Hey, Thanks for posting this, It might have just saved a friend of mine, Jesus is great and he know how to reach each person. God bless

  • very interesting

    That is incredible

    God is good.

  • That’s an amazing witness, there are more instances like these coming out of the east. God is doing a mighty work in these days. People are having visions, dreams and supernatural occurrences which are leading them straight to the feet of Jesus.

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