INSPIKS Flickr Group Showcase #3

May 19, 2010| Legion of Skills

This month we have a massive roundup of some spectacular images from our INSPIKS Flickr Group. This group is an extension of our website and we encourage participation from everyone. Post your designs and photographs that gives honor and praise to God and inspiration and insight to others. As you view these photos our prayer is that you will be blessed and your heart will be opened to a deeper and closer relationship with God.


Fascinating Conch Shell Has Been Thru Many Trials

Hidden Secret by Heart Windows Art


The Art of Holding On by Katrina



Paow Thunder and Lightning by jakedillard



Bird by Forgiven!


Kissing Squirrel

Kissing Squirrel by Forgiven!


Red Wings

Red Wings by Forgiven!


Seagull at the Stacks

Seagull at the Stacks by Forgiven!


Photo 21 of 100 Photos "Tulip on Satin"

Tulip on Satin by creationsanew


The Pool

The Pool by LOVEducation


Faith is Knowing...

Faith is Knowing…by ∞ Melissa ∞



Clouds HDR by jakedillard


Open Arms

Open Arms by Forgiven!


Tears of Night

Tears of Night by LOVEducation


Hebrews 12:2 Heavens Tears

Heavens Tears by J316



Image by basicSUBLIMERER


Father of the Dew

Father of the Dew by Dubya Designs


...put me...

…put me… by agn lau made in sweden



smproverbs14-26 by Amydeanne


Envy's Table (Eight Hidden Keys)

Envy’s Table (Eight Hidden Keys) by ArteZoe


Image by Katrina †


Flower Power

Flower Power by jakedillard



Firestarter by ArteZoe


live in hope ~

Live in Hope by Katrina †


189/365 outlined in light

Outlined in Light by Simis



CanalMJAartwork by Movimiento Joven Adventista


....golden heart....

Golden Heart by agn lau made in sweden


Psalm 83

Psalm Eighty Three by Phillysoul11


Psalm 81

Psalm Eighty One by Phillysoul11


Psalm 78

Psalm Seventy Eight by Phillysoul11


My Sheep by ∞ Melissa ∞


Tears of Night

Tears of Night by LOVEducation


We Are The Stewards Of The Earth

We Are The Stewards Of The Earth by ArteZoe


Rejoice : T-shirt Design

Rejoice: T-shirt Design by Carine Caramel


Living Waters cd artwork

Living Waters CD Artwork by Carine Caramel


shine in b&w

Shine in Black and White by simis



Elohim by Dubya Designs


oooooooooooo CLOUDS!

CLOUDS! by jakedillard



Shine by simis



Sunset by supagoomba


my soul

My Soul by Amydeanne



FAWM-Final by ryan.sworth



TravelPro by OSX2012


What is life to you? and what is life to them...

What is life to you? and what is life to them… by Timothy TL



Purity by Dubya Designs



Rest by kristen-w


Be Different (renewed)

Be Different by pixel8design


178/365 headed for water

Headed for Water by simis


Word: 1 Chronicles

Word: 1 Chronicles by (Jim LePage)




Frail by Phisch



Joy by julesalive


Good Design (watercolor)

Good Design – watercolor by pixel8design


Word: Esther

Word: Esther by (Jim LePage)


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Artist remain the original copyright holder of all their materials. Use of any of their material inconsistent with the terms and conditions set forth by Flickr is considered an infringement of the copyrights of the respective holders unless specially stated otherwise. Please contact the owner if you wish to use any of their images.



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12 thoughts on “INSPIKS Flickr Group Showcase #3”

  1. Karsten

    This is a beastly and beautiful lineup. It inspires me to take more shots and create more artwork. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. loswl Post author

      You are welcome amydeanne, Dubya Designs and Karen Gladys Henry, so great to have such quality work coming from the group.

  2. pixels and beyond

    Nice pack, thanks for the feature, some great photography and graphics, I love esp JakeDillard’s clouds image ;).Godbless.

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