INSPIKS Flickr Group Showcase #7

December 3, 2010| loswl

Flickr Group Showcase: I am pleased to bring you another showcase of some of the most amazing images from our Flickr Group!  Thanks to all the talented artist and photographers that shared their beautiful images in the group this year. We continue to find varied ways of promoting and featuring Christian artist here at INSPIKS. We encourage participation from anyone that wants to share and give inspiration and insight to others. The images below are packed with inspiration, Check em out!

 Image Thumbnail: The Persecuted by Forgiven!



Grace by Katrina †


Bible with heart shaped bokeh

Bible With Heart Shaped Bokeh by CenterStageSouthaven


peace through chaos

Peace Through Chaos by A Message


"I came, I saw, I conkered!"

“I came, I saw, I conkered!” by mediman30


poster design camp2010 teachers

Poster Design Camp 2010 Teachers by MAKULAYNAMUNDO


Complete - Wallpaper

Complete – Wallpaper by kristen_w


Pine Flare - HDR Tutorial

Pine Flare – HDR Tutorial by Tyler van der Hoeven


343/365 got the hook up?

Got The Hook Up? by simis


Grace in his hands.

Grace in his hands. by Russell Chopping


cloudy mirror [hdr]

Cloudy Mirror by alvin lamucho


Waterton National Park

Waterton National Park by Brandon.Peters


Psalm 119:65

Psalm by Amber Rose Photography


"Beauty is not caused. It is."

“Beauty is not caused. It is.” by ∞ Melissa ∞



Sisters by ∞ Melissa ∞


Flowing Thoughts

Flowing Thoughts by Heart Windows Art


354/365 bee centered

Bee Centered by Simis


Darkness Sliding By

Darkness Sliding By by Tyler van der Hoeven


The Cross

The Cross by Tyler van der Hoeven


Abandoned but not Forgotten

Abandoned but not Forgotten by eyebrowpaul


Word: Micah

Word: Micah by (Jim LePage)


There is a life

There is a life by



{redeemed} by {kari elaine}, on Flickr


Law vs Love

Law vs Love by directionman



Peaceable by J316



Dross! by justuspixels


Be Bold.

Be Bold. by ∞ Melissa ∞


The Persecuted

The Persecuted by Forgiven!


Persecution 5

Persecution 5 by Forgiven!


Kootenay River, Kootenay National Park

Kootenay River, Kootenay National Park by Brandon.Peters


Middle Lake, Bow Valley Campground

Middle Lake, Bow Valley Campground by Brandon.Peters


Star Field

“Star Field by Tyler van der Hoeven


The Four Horses Of Revelations (23,512+ views)

The Four Horses Of Revelations by mliebenberg


Life is Short...Spend it Well

“Life is Short…Spend it Well by Heart Windows Art


When I Am Afraid

When I Am Afraid by Melek Design


Steel Cross2

“Steel Cross2 by d–p


the first command

The First Command by lyacadajar


christmas poster 2

Christmas Poster by clemono2


Snow Globe

Snow Globe by Tyler van der Hoeven



Righteousness by lyacadajar


025.365.praying hands

Praying Hands by simis

Artist remain the original copyright holder of all their materials. Use of any of their material inconsistent with the terms and conditions set forth by Flickr is considered an infringement of the copyrights of the respective holders unless specially stated otherwise. Please contact the owner if you wish to use any of their images.


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22 thoughts on “INSPIKS Flickr Group Showcase #7”

  1. sheepkinz

    Mark, you do an awesome job with this group and your photos too! so many wonderful people I have met through here and on flickr. I thank the Lord for directing me to you and to here on Flick’r. to God be the Glory for ever and ever,AAAAMENNN!!
    much love in Jesus~

    1. loswl Post author

      Hey Sis, to God be the Glory, Great things He has done. Happy you are being blessed by the group, much love to you too, I am loving the pieces you have been doing for the last couple of weeks, keep it up, have a blessed Sunday 🙂

    1. loswl Post author

      You have some of the most amazing photos I have seen on Flickr, so happy that you are using them to Glorify the Father, keep up the good work 🙂

    1. loswl Post author

      Hey Travis, checked out your website and I love it, the music on the site is beautiful, had me captivated their for a while, loving all your new work too!

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