Interview Philip Davis

April 13, 2010| Legion of Skills
Interview Philip Davis

Interview Philip Davis: Philip Davis is a young and gifted designer. He calls himself a Photoshop Junkie, Web Enthusiast, Wannabe Philosopher and Jesus Freak. Philip has an immense passion for art and design, his work displays a nice blend of eye candy and inspiration. In this interview, we talk with Philip about his “Designing Through Psalm Challenge” and how he uses it as an extension of his daily devotions. Let’s jump into this interview!


1. Welcome to INSPIKS, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field of Graphic Design?

I’m from Laurel Maryland where I’m currently attending the University of Maryland double majoring in marketing and information systems. I have a humongous and awesome family. My interest in design started around six years ago when I started playing around with Microsoft Paint. I would spend hours upon hours trying to accomplish tasks that would take Photoshop seconds to complete. Nonetheless, I enjoyed working on the composition of images and type. I remember when I first opened Photoshop around a year later I was a bit intimidated with how much it could do.

I spent the next two years learning how to use Photoshop effectively. I decided to try and make a few bucks with my Photoshop skills which is when I quickly discovered that the ability to use a program well does not make you a designer. I read some really good books/articles on typography, web development, and design in general. Since then I’ve spent my free time freelancing as a graphic and web designer. Last summer I was offered the position of Senior Graphic Designer for a small start-up business where I have been working on and off during breaks from school.


Psalm Five

Psalm Five


2. Describe for our readers what led you to Christ and how that has impacted your artwork.

I was born into a Godly family and from a young age I was taught the Bible. I always saw myself as a pretty good person even though I wouldn’t admit it. At around the age of 12 I realized how utterly depraved I was. Sin was revealed and I saw how desperately I needed a savior. I can’t point to one specific moment but I can tell you that my life changed. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is 1st Corinthians 10:31 where Paul states

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”1 Corinthians 10:31

It’s important for Christians to use their talents for the glory of God and the advancement of His kingdom.


Psalm Forty Nine

Psalm Forty Nine


Psalm 13

Psalm Thirteen


3. What would you say is your favorite thing to design, logos, print or web?

When I first started freelancing I decided that I wanted to be a logo designer, I quickly realized that it was much harder than I thought. I decided to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and since then I’ve really enjoyed designing and coding websites. Most of my work is on the design end but I’m trying to get better and faster at coding.


Psalm 45

Psalm Forty Five


Psalm 74

Psalm Seventy Four


4. Who are your favorite artists? What impressed you about them?

  • Kyle Steed Really genuine guy, I love his unique style and the simplicity in his design work
  • Derek Herman Uber talented web developer, this guy makes gorgeous websites and his coding skills are out of this world.
  • Von Glitschka This guy pumps out killer illustrations like no other. Really cool guy and his work is unbelievable.
  • Jad Limcaco ( – Jad is a really hard worker who puts his all into whatever he does. He’s a great designer and an awesome writer.


Psalm 8

Psalm Eight


5. I love your “Designing Through Psalms Challenge” on Flickr. Tell us a little about the project and why you started the series?

Designing through Psalms is a project where I attempt to artistically capture what i’m learning in scripture. I wanted to integrate my passion for good design with Biblical exegesis. After my quiet time, I like to think through what I’ve read and then create something based off of the main points that the author is trying to convey. My first thoughts starting this challenge was that I was going to run out of ideas and that I wouldn’t have the time during the heat of the semester. Fortunately, when dealing with scripture it isn’t hard to get inspired. The time I spend each day has become an extension of my daily devotional, and by God’s grace I’m still going!





6. Your use of photography and texture in “Sinner”, is incredible. tell us a little about that project and how you came up with the concept.

Sinner was an idea based upon the quote by John Newton

“I am a great sinner, Christ is a great savior.” -John Newton

I’m a pretty lousy photographer, but one of my friends had taken this image and I decided to mess around a bit with it. My main goal was to convey how utterly depraved humanity is, and how lost we are without Christ.


Psalm 36

Psalm Thirty Six


Psalm 77

Psalm Seventy Seven


7. When you are low on inspiration where is a common place that you turn to? What are your favorite websites?


Psalm 20

Psalm Twenty


Psalm 43

Psalm Forty Three


8. Thanks again for providing INSPIKS with this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?

Thanks a ton for interviewing me! I’ve been a fan of the work you guys are doing here for quite sometime. To the readers: Utilize your gifts to bring God glory. Don’t waste your talent, God gave it to you for a reason.


Psalm 63

Psalm Sixty Three


Psalm 61

Psalm Sixty One


Where to Find Philip Davis on the Web








Psalm Fifty Seven

Psalm Fifty Seven


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16 thoughts on “Interview Philip Davis”

  1. zanzu7

    This is an awesome interview. What a gift from GOD. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your perception of the Great BOOK through your designs, what an inspiration. Keep on, keeping on.
    @Loswl, you are doing a great Job here at Inspiks.

    To GOD be the glory.

  2. Design Informer

    Really nice interview! Great job by both Mark and Philip. It was a great read and I am absolutely honored to be mentioned in the interview.

    Keep up the great work Philip. I’m really enjoying your designs.

    1. loswl Post author

      Hey Jad, thanks for checking out the post and thanks for the compliments, Phillip did a great job on the answers, His graphics are amazing!

  3. Jared

    Excellent work here! I really like the idea of designing through a book…maybe I’ll try that sometime soon.

  4. Godserv

    Thanks for sharing Philip. I thank God that you are using the best source of inspiration for your work. Keep studying the Word and living it.

  5. Jim

    Philip’s work has been an inspiration for me and I’m glad to see him getting recognized. It’s been fun to follow his Psalms project and I can’t wait to see how it progresses.

  6. Stephenson

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Where do you find these artist! I don’t see graphics like these in my church, I love all the work showcased here, what a talented young man! “Psalm Forty Five” and “Psalm Five” is my fav! 🙂

  7. Grapixia

    Awesome interview! love how said he started out..with MSPaint LOL, but he have some serious skills with Photoshop now, just goes to show what can be done with the right tools. Love the Psalms series, keep it up!

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