Performance Matters-Optimizing Page Load

March 30, 2016| Godserv Designs
Performance Matters-Optimizing Page Load

Performance Matters-Optimizing Page Load

Performance matters when you have spent time and money to build a website and rely on it to make revenue or retain visitors. Visitors will leave a site if it does not load fast or the performance is lacking in both speed and functionality. Optimizing your website is a valuable necessity that will pay off in both a growth in traffic and revenue.

Course Description

In this course you’ll learn how to improve web-page performance. We’ll cover what that means, why it’s so important to consider, and how you can optimize your web pages so they perform well.

What You’ll Learn

  • What website performance is and how you can measure it.
  • Why the difference between overall and perceived performance is important.
  • How to use Google’s DevTools and PageSpeed insights.
  • How to optimise the overall performance of your sites using server-side optimisation and by reducing HTTP requests.
  • How to optimize your images, webfonts, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • How to optimise for perceived performance by understanding render blocking CSS and JavaScript.
  • How to effectively optimise WordPress sites.

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