Simple Tips to Make Your Blog Successful

April 28, 2010| Legion of Skills

In this article I will be sharing some simple tips to help you create a successful blog. Success is measured in a variety of ways, most times it is measured by how much profit your blog can produce or how many visitors you can get to read and respond to your articles, I will not cover the topic of profit, because you can find many resources that cover that on Google. I will speak about getting more people to read your articles.

Getting people to read your articles can be a job in itself, it is important that readers can find your blog and when they find it, be engaged enough to share the article with others. A lot of hard work will have to go into getting great results, but the hard work will pay off in the long run. Lets look at these tips I have learned over the years and hopefully they will be useful to you. Lets Digg in!


Choose A Great Theme

This may seem like not such an important tip, but a great theme can go a long way in keeping visitors on your blog when they visit. First, think about your audience and the type of blog you are creating and match that up with the theme design. Make sure you check for great typography in the theme, check for font hierarchy, line spacing, line length and readability. Blogs are mostly about reading, if your readers find your articles easy to read, they will most likely return for more. Consider buying a premium theme that has most of the features you need, already coded into the back-end/framework. You can get great premium themes from WooThemes and Themeforest, they feature great themes for all types of blogs. There are also a lot of free themes available, a great place to search is Smashing Magazine.


Write Great Articles That Interest Your Core Readers

When you are writing articles, think to yourself, “would I read this if I found it on the net?” and “Does this line up with the mission of my blog?”. Writing articles that relate to your blog is very important, because you not only want to bring in new readers, but you also want to keep the readers you have already, so stick to whatever niche you are interested in.

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Write Frequently and Consistently as Possible

It’s important to write often,  if your readers find your articles interesting, they will be coming back for more. Search engines love an updated blog, it is not good when two or three months have passed and the same old news is still on your front page. If you are not a daily blogger, keep a consistent schedule of when you will be making your blog post, eg. set specific days of the week that you will be consistently publishing new content (Days of the week can also be broken down into categories), your readers will get accustomed to your RSS feed sending out articles on those days. As a general rule, do not publish articles on the weekend, most of your readers are away from their computers, you want to publish your post when you have the most chance, of  as much readers as possible  being notified.


Have A Consistent Look and Feel

Repetition is one of those important rules of design that you should use to affect how your readers respond to your blog. Consistency makes your articles look more professional and gives the reader an unconscious sense of security. The blog design and CSS takes care of most of that, but you can also help by:

  • Always using the same size thumbnail for all articles
  • Use high quality, eye catching images
  • Customize your sidebar and keep it organized
  • Avoid changing your avatars and logo constantly, unless you are doing a complete re-branding
  • Have consistent advertisement placement


Reply to Comments

It is very important to reply to the comments placed on your blog, your readers take the time to comment on your articles, replying is a great way to carry on the conversation, sometimes readers have more to say, but if you don’t respond, they may never come back or they may think your blog is dead or not being moderated. I don’t think you have to respond to every comment, but read the comments and if it merits a reply, by all means do so.

Comment on Other Blogs

Get in the habit of reading and interacting on other blogs in your niche, The benefits are very rewarding, you will soon find that other authors and visitors are visiting your blog and commenting on your articles; you may also come across very interesting articles that inspire you. It is also a great way to build recognition around the web and soon, many people will know about you and your blog. This tip is one of the most important, just remember not to spam other blogs with comments. Comment genuinely to articles you are interested in.


Join a Network

Joining a network can be very beneficial in getting readers to know about your blog. A blog network is a network of many blogs partnering together to share the best content in their niche, the network is hosted by one of the more popular blogs in the network and the articles are shared through one RSS feed. This saves time for you, because your articles are aggregated automatically by the network. Networks also help to promote articles and increase traffic to your site and the host site.

Great networks to join:

  • Smashing Network (Design Blogs)
  • 9Rules Network (Design Blogs)
  • Blog Catalog (Social Blog Directory)
  • You129 Network (Christian Blogs)


Join and Submit Your Articles to Social Book Marking Websites

Submitting your articles is extremely important if you want readers to find your articles on the net. First make sure you have good SEO and Pinging plugins installed, this will take care of getting your websites out to the search engines and prevent it from being banned by ping networks. After each post, go ahead and submit your articles to social networks. You can use Addthis Firefox plugin to do manual submissions, you can also place social bookmarking buttons beneath your post,  for your readers to use.

Great sites to submit your articles:



These are just a couple of simple steps to take and, as you can see, they are very practical. Don’t expect over night success, keep creating great articles and overtime you will see all your work paying off in increased visits to your blog and visitor interactions. If the work gets overwhelming, seek help from a friend, family member or if your blog is generating enough money, you can hire someone to take care of some of the simple task. What are some of the things you did to make your blog successful? Please feel free to share them in the comments area below.

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16 thoughts on “Simple Tips to Make Your Blog Successful”

  1. buy sustanon

    Ce fut un bel article à lire, je vous remercie pour le partage. (It was a nice article to read, thank you for sharing.)

  2. Biddy Bytes

    Loswl–Nicely summarized talking points on how to attract readership to blog…I’ve just begun in past year (I’ll be “1” in July, but 65 in actuality), and I am getting the numbers now, after three times a week, every week (with no time-off for good behavior). There were times I groused and the traffic looked ??? but I persevered. I cannot say enough, either, about the need to respond to writers’ comments. Yes, they want to know we are reading what they say…after all, they’re investing in this dialogue which by nature should be two-sided. Thanks for your article…

  3. Judy Clauss

    I just learned of your blog today from a JudyBlog reader. I decided to check it out for myself. As a new blogger (Nov 2008), I appreciate tips such as these. Thanks for sharing and encouraging.

  4. turisuna

    Great tips, I try to do all the tips you give here and hopefully my site will get better. You are right that the success doesn’t come over night, every success needs struggle, so I want to add: ‘be patient and pray so you won’t lose your hope to be success’.

  5. Godserv

    I guess the main theme here is, not to think that good SEO alone will do the job. Doing all the other thing will potentially help SEO, it’s also about building a genuine consistent conversation with your audience across the internet and real life.

  6. Top Wordpress Themes

    You have some really great tips here. Writing great content (and original) is for me one of the best things you can do for a great blog.

    I would also add that it is important to have lots of patience and not over crowd your site with adsense. Money will come with time. But first focus on getting traffic and repeat-visitors.

    you do a great job at outlining your articles. This is also extremely important.

    keep up the good work!

    1. loswl

      Thank you, for the compliments. I have seen a lot of sites crowd their blogs with Ads, I understand the logic behind it, but those kind of websites usually turn me off and I don’t tend to revisit them.

  7. Jared

    Great tips. Though, it should be noted that doing all of these things does not mean that you can just turn any site into a huge success over night.

    It’s important to know that it can take some time to get things going, and gain a reader base. It took me almost a year on one of my sites to get just a couple hundred visits a day. When on another site, it only took 2 weeks.

  8. Richie

    This is quite perfect. You have covered almost all the important aspects to make a blog successful.

    I would like to add one more : Don’t lose faith. Sure, you might lose visitors and the traffic might come down occasionally but if you put your heart into your blog and as long as you have faith in yourself, it is sure to succeed.

    Thanks a lot for this article 😀

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