Last weekend we, a somewhat random group, went to Hourglass Lake. Hourglass Lake is actually two different lakes and they’re not the one (singular) you see in the shot. That’s Lower Hourglass Lake and this shot was taken near Upper Hourglass Lake. It’s named Hourglass because the top lake flows into the bottom via a waterfall. It also seems like it could be called Hourglass because Lower Hourglass Lake looks like an hourglass. I know, sort of confusing 😛 I sometimes hear things like, “You should do this, and then we’ll really see how good you are!” And I’m like, “Ummmmmmm?” I think at this point it’s time that I introduce myself. My name is Brandon Peters and I have issues. I’m full of jealousy, quick to anger, lustful, prideful, greedy, and lack self-control. And that list is not exhaustive, those are just some of the bigger issues. I never…    read more