Living by Faith book Rev Dr Gerry Gallimore

Living by Faith

December 13, 2020 |

Living by Faith book by Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore – 168 pages of unbelievable experiences, explained only by the fact that Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore lived by faith. Born in the backwoods of Jamaica, and born out of wedlock, Gerry Gallimore had limited schooling. He gave his life to the Lord at an early age and this Living by Faith book recounts the globe-trotting and sometimes daring journey God took him on, including visits to the White House. God’s miraculous hand in the life, times, and journey of Gerry Gallimore. “Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what He has done for me.” – Psalm 66:16 In 1968 Gerry Gallimore left a well-paying job in the pharmaceutical industry, one that allowed him to purchase a new home and Mercedes Benz as a young adult – to accept the call of God and moved into full-time…    read more 

My Worst “Nightmare”

January 6, 2012 |

Two Thousand Seven was an extremely stressful year for me because I lost the friendship of someone I dearly loved with all my heart. I found myself depressed for a long time, and my eyes teared for no reason, I cried almost daily, and wrestled with God daily. To make things worse I started university in September of that year and the stress level just shot up! So I became not only emotionally and spiritually tired but also physically and mentally tired and very sleep deprived. One day in early January of 2008 I went to sleep around 3:30 AM (because of school work I had to stay late), so I laid with my back flat on the bed looking at the ceiling and because I was so exhausted as soon as I put my head on the pillow I fell asleep. Suddenly (what seemed like a second after I…    read more 

Hope Beyond All Hope

Today I’m going to tell you a part of my testimony that I’ve hidden for a long time. I hid it because of pride, guilt, and shame. I hid it because that was exactly what Satan told me to do. That way I’d become a useless Christian immobilized by my own actions. I was ashamed that my life didn’t reflect the promises in Romans 6:6-7 “We know that our old life died with Christ on the cross so that our sinful selves would have no power over us and we would not be slaves to sin. Anyone who has died is made free from sin’s control.” Boy, that sure didn’t reflect my life… You see for more than 10 years (I honestly can’t remember when it began) I had an addiction to pornography and masturbation. These are two of my least favorite words in the world, the very words themselves…    read more 

Arise: No Shame in Scars – Part 3

The Testimony of Emma Nation reflects the pain and depravity that we face outside of Christ and the ultimate plan that the devil has for all humans which is death! But thank God that He has a better plan for us, a plan for life everlasting! Emma wraps up her testimony, with a revelation on how God is continuing to heal the scars in her life.   Testimony My life still holds pain, but I have a faithful comforter and healer! I am still a broken woman, desperately in need of His strength, love, forgiveness and rest every single day, but I am a new creation starting fresh as a pure, lovely, redeemed, chosen, loved child of the Most High King. March 13, 2010 was the day that this verse became the true claim of my life. This was also the day that God changed my name from Emily to…    read more 

Arise: No Shame in Scars – Part 2

This is a continuation of the testimony of Emma Nation. We learned in the first part of her story, the struggles leading up to abuse and attempted suicide. God showed Emma that He loved her, by sending help just at the right time to pull her from the clutches of the devil, God had better plans for her. The image depicts the surgery that the Lord performed in bringing her out of bondage. Testimony Jesus saved my life in more ways than one. But the pain in my heart was very real and very alive. By that point it had already taken over me and cut deep holes in my spirit. I had already learned to use food in so many ways other than what it was intended for. Food was my connection to my mother as many happy memories with her from early childhood centered around food. Food was…    read more 

Arise: No Shame in Scars – Part 1

Today I have a testimony to share with you from Emma Nation. Emma describes her life and the miraculous journey that the Lord brought her through. Her life’s journey got so rough that suicide looked like a perfect way out, but God had greater plans for her!  The image, depicts the gravity of her depravity without Christ. Testimony I survived childhood, but I definitely wouldn’t say that I enjoyed it. As I’m sure many of you have experienced, being a kid often times means being hurt. It’s so sad, especially because, each child is chosen and carefully created by a loving Father who has a specific plan and will for that child’s life. Sadly, each child is born into a world full of hurting people, people who hurt those that they ‘can’, because they themselves are so broken and wounded. God specifically chose to create me in 1981, in the…    read more 

Breaking Free from The Rules of Inadequacy

Today I have a testimony to share with you from my Flickr friend Andrew, he has a great testimony and it’s awesome to see the passion in his life. He has done some missions work and you can just tell that it has impacted him in big ways! Testimony I grew up in a very strong Christian family. We would always go to church and I was able to see Godly examples of life from either my family or the people at my church. But even so, I remember feeling from a very young age that I just didn’t think that I fit in very well. I wasn’t sure what it was at the time, but looking back now I know that it was a feeling of inadequacy, like I wasn’t living up to what was expected of me. I have two older brothers, both of which I thought always…    read more 

Living in the Joy of Christ

February 28, 2011 |

Today our testimony is courtesy of Mike Daly, Mike is a brother-in-law of a friend and he is a great encourager to me and he really has a heart for Jesus. Testimony I was raised in a Christian Home, we went to church on Sunday, and I was always aware of God in our lives. I was baptized as a baby and confirmed in the Catholic faith when I was in Grade 9. Ever since I can remember I have always had, what I considered, a relationship with God. I remember always praying and talking to God and believing in everything about him. I went throughout my teenage years pretty much doing whatever I wanted. I knew what was right and what was wrong. But all in all I was, by my estimation and by most others, a “good” person. I never really drank until my graduation night, I never…    read more 

Escaping the Entanglement of Porn

February 21, 2011 |

Today’s testimony is brought to you courtesy of Dave Berryman, he is one of the many wonderful people that I have had the privilege of meeting on Flickr. I take much inspiration from him, from both his style of photos and the awesome messages he includes with them. The idea of sharing others testimonies was actually from Dave and I would like to thank him for allowing me to share this with all of you. Testimony I grew up in a Christian home all my life, but when I left home I became addicted to porn. I went to church every Sunday but I could not stop my insatiable appetite for porn. I was on the church board, but I could not let go of porn…it had its hooks in me good! I led small groups but for some reason I didn’t have the ability to stop looking at porn…    read more 

Carving A Life Out of Chaos

February 14, 2011 |

Today’s testimony is brought to you by an anonymous friend, she has been a great encouragement to me and is an inspirational woman of faith. Testimony My siblings and I were raised by a single mother and the occasional step-dad (around three years in total with that guy). We moved a lot and rarely stayed in one place too long; I think four years may have been the longest. We were always either in trailer courts or government subsidized housing in the urban, inner city or suburban ghettos. We were rarely supervised so life was free and without rules, so trouble and/or bad choices seem to ensue where ever I lived. I can now laugh with my siblings and proclaim that we were truly feral animals. Due to this environment I learned a lot about how to survive mentally and physically. I did a lot of fighting growing up to…    read more 

More than Conquerors in Jesus

I read an article by Brandon, about demons, and I decided to share my personal story of some accounts I had in the past. This is the first time I am sharing this with anyone on-line, but I think it can be an eye opener for some. Demons are very real, I have had my experiences. Let me share one with you. First, let let me give a disclaimer: I don’t smoke, drink, take any kind of drugs, I have no mental problems etc, etc and what I am about to say may sound crazy!! For a few months, about five or six years ago, I was working on a Creation Book and during this time, I had some experiences that led me to believe that I had demon activity in our house. I would be troubled in my sleep almost every night and sometimes when I was taking a nap…    read more 

Taking Steps of Faith with Christ

November 8, 2010 |

I was raised in what I would call a semi-Christian home. I was never taught about having a personal relationship with Jesus, but I was taught the real significance behind Christian holidays and I was taught many of the same basic principles of the Bible for living my life. When I was 10 years old, we moved to a new city and some neighbors invited us to attend AWANAS. We began to attend church and by the end of my first year of AWANAS I had given my life to Christ.   During my school years I had a great group of Christian friends and as a result I never got into alcohol or drugs or anything like that. It was really easy in my group to stay on the straight and narrow, which was really cool, but I never felt like I made a difference for Christ while at…    read more 

A Testimony to the Mighty Grace of God!

October 13, 2010 |

Hi, my name is Tyler A. van der Hoeven, I accepted Jesus Christ as the Savior for my sins  at the age of four. Although my salvation didn’t mean a whole lot to me then, salvation isn’t about the saved, its about the Savior, and what He does to those he has redeemed. My testimony isn’t about me and all that Jesus saved me from, but rather its all about my Savior, the only Son of God, part of the triune Godhead, born of the virgin Mary, who lived on earth as the God/man and died on the cross, bearing the full, unrestrained wrath of almighty God against all my sins. I am the worst sinner I know, such a hypocrite, so prone to pride, to take the credit and pass the blame. It is such a wonder to me that God chooses to keep such a one as me,…    read more 

A Dreamer – Saved to Share The Gospel

October 11, 2010 |

In my previous post A Dreamer – Escaping The Brokenness of Life, I shared with you a little of my life leading up to me being saved and being blessed with a spirit filled husband, today I will share how The Holy Spirit has blessed me with different gifts in order to share the Gospel. I’m a dreamer. I also am given many visions from the Lord. These are gifts from the Holy Spirit, yes. Joel speaks of this [ Joel 2:28 ] and again in  Acts. [ Acts 2:17 ] The journey in Jesus and this walk, is painful and joyous. That is truth. Persecution has come in all different, shapes and sizes. but the outcome of these trials and tribulations is this. Jesus is LORD and He is KING! I become stronger in Christ. To press toward the higher calling in Christ Jesus. To persevere in Him. I…    read more 

A Dreamer – Escaping The Brokenness of Life

October 4, 2010 |

Where does one begin to truly share about one’s self? First and foremost, thank you Lord for opening a door here to share forth to others of Your goodness, Your Mercy, Your grace, thank You Lord. I would like to start out by sharing about Jesus and give ALL  to Him, my Friend, my Strong Tower, My Refuge, My Lord and my Savior, My Healer and Provider,  a true Praise, a true honor and heartfelt glory. He is not only a wonderful Savior and Lord,  He (Jesus) is Lord over me and in my life. He gave me life and I have come to realize, I am not my own, as it is written in the Word. I have been blood bought and paid for [ 1 Corinthians 6:20 ].  I desire to please Him, though I fail at times, this is my true hearts desire to live for Him…    read more 

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