Performance Matters-Optimizing Page Load

Performance Matters-Optimizing Page Load

Performance Matters-Optimizing Page Load Performance matters when you have spent time and money to build a website and rely on it to make revenue or retain visitors. Visitors will leave a site if it does not load fast or the performance is lacking in both speed and functionality. Optimizing your website is a valuable necessity that will pay off in both a growth in traffic and revenue. Course Description In this course you’ll learn how to improve web-page performance. We’ll cover what that means, why it’s so important to consider, and how you can optimize your web pages so they perform well. What You’ll Learn What website performance is and how you can measure it. Why the difference between overall and perceived performance is important. How to use Google’s DevTools and PageSpeed insights. How to optimise the overall performance of your sites using server-side optimisation and by reducing HTTP requests. How…    read more 

Christmas Graphics Templates

49 Incredible Christmas Graphics Templates

December 22, 2015 |

Christmas Graphics Templates for churches – here are a few you should check out! These Christmas Graphics Templates are Premium, High Quality, Contemporary and designed by Godserv. Great for any Christmas church events, they are ready for any production print environment, just download the files and customize, then send to print. That easy! The templates are offered at a cost that is unbelievably affordable!  Check them out below! Christmas Cantata Flyer and Poster Template Christmas Concert Postcard Template Christmas His Story Flyer and CD Template Christmas Party Flyer Template Christmas Story Church Flyer Template Silent Night Christmas Flyer Silent Night Christmas Ticket Christmas Party Flyer and Poster Template Bethlehem Christmas Play Church Flyer Template A Love to Save Christmas Flyer Template Bethlehem’s Light Cantata Flyer Template Bethlehem’s Light Cantata Program Template He Is Born Kids Christmas Flyer Template Messiah Christmas Cantata Flyer Template Messiah Christmas Cantata Program Template A Song Was…    read more