How Shall We Cross The Great Chasm of Sin?

November 12, 2010| van der Hoeven

The gap is massive, the fall horrendous. We stand here, He stands there. We need to cross. We stand alone, about to fall. He stands there, tall and sure on the mountain. We need to cross. We are rooted, drinking up a dying stream. He needs no sustenance for He Himself is Life. We need to cross. How shall we cross, and where is the bridge for such a chasm?

We cannot jump for we would fall. we cannot swim for we would drown. We cannot fly for we have no wings. We need to cross but we are rooted, dead and dying with no hope inside and no hope around. We need to cross but we are darkness and He is light so how could we cross? He must come and take us there, yet He must take us on a cross, He must pay the price for such a thing.

The Cross by Tyler van der Hoeven

The Cross

He must take our shadow and give us light. Would He do it, could He care, might He? Yes! Though we were loving darkness and sipping sin, He broke through the darkness and split the shadows with a light, a cross. He exchanged all of our sin and darkness for His light. He made a way, he made a bridge, though we must walk upon Him and lay all our sin upon His back we can turn and ascend to Him, out of our darkness to receive His light. The shadow of the cross has fallen and it is Light!


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2 thoughts on “How Shall We Cross The Great Chasm of Sin?”

  1. jbarry

    Thank God for His grace towards us. He laid the path for us to be saved from sin. We should be grateful and accept His sacrifice.

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