Looking Beyond the Surface: Shrek and God's Perspective

Looking Beyond the Surface: A Reflection on Shrek and God’s Perspective

July 3, 2023 |

Discover the profound wisdom hidden within a section of the beloved “Shrek” movie in Prince Omar’s latest blog post. Join Prince Omar on a captivating journey alongside Shrek and Donkey as they delve into the inherent tendency to judge others based on appearances and the far-reaching impact of such judgments on individuals and society. Through the lens of this iconic film and biblical teachings, uncover timeless lessons that challenge us to see beyond the surface and recognize the true worth that resides within each soul. As we break free from the confines of superficial judgments, let us embrace the beauty of inner character and the transformative power of looking at people from God’s perspective. The blog, “What Can Shrek Teach Us About Life?“, explores how our brains instinctively make rapid judgments as a means of survival. However, this snap decision-making can perpetuate negative stereotypes and prejudices, leading to harmful consequences….    read more 

Burn Notice

The subject of hell, most times, is taken to two extremes by Christians, either we strongly condemn people to the fiery depths or we refuse to talk about it at all, fearing that people may condemn us. Everyone believes in death, because we see death all around us and it is now fully a part of the human condition, but the majority do not believe in hell. We cannot see hell until, and if it is revealed to us and we truly cannot identify with it. In the garden of Eden mankind could not identify with death, because we were not created with death in mind, but it was promised by God to Adam and Eve that, if they disobeyed Him by eating of the tree of knowledge, their punishment would be… death! “And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely…    read more 

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