God is Cool!

February 13, 2012 |

When I saw this sunset I thought to myself, “Oh, man! I can’t resist sunsets! Then I thought, “Only God can mix purple, navy, red, orange and yellow and make it look this good!” Try wearing that! (Unless you work as a balloon!) I remember few months ago I was meeting with my design team and we were supposed to come up with alternative designs that meet the client’s needs (so we can select the best design and improve it as our proposed design). We were 6 students in the group, and we were discussing ideas, and designs already in use, and what if it looked like this, or worked like that machine, etc. After a considerable time we came up with only 4 alternative designs! Only four! And even those four were similar to each other!     That’s when it hit me: God made countless types of vegetables…    read more 

Doing the Right Thing – Pt 1

November 18, 2011 |

I grew up in a semi-devoted Roman Catholic family. My parents are good people, but my mom was never the religious type and my dad had more doubt than faith. The only religious influence on me and my sister was our grandmother even though she didn’t have spiritual understanding of the Bible. She didn’t understand grace, or Salvation, nor did she have an accurate view of God’s character or ways. Nevertheless, seeing her reading prayer books everyday encouraged me to read the New Testament. In my early teens in the summer time as soon as it gets around 4 or 5 PM I would get ready to go play soccer and burst running out of the door in excitement! Just then I would hear my mom yelling to me, “Fadi, come take the garbage out!” After running for few more meters I would remember those words of our Lord in…    read more 

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