The story of the dry bones mentioned in Ezekiel chapter 37, has been interpreted as the re-gathering of the Jews from many nations back to the land of Israel, this event happened in our time, when Israel was established as a nation in 1948. An interesting fact is that one of the first places that was excavated shortly after Israel received it’s sovereignty was the site called Masada, the last Jewish stronghold against Rome. The archaeologists that excavated Masada knew all about it, based on the writings of Jewish historian, Josephus Flavius. They came upon a synagogue on the mountain fortress, and there they found only one preserved portion of scripture, Ezekiel 37. When they uncovered this find, the discoverers wept, realizing that they themselves were these “dry bones that came to life.” At a time in which this prophecy was being fulfilled, this portion of scripture was preserved in…    read more