If you’ve recently purchased a Microsoft Word or Publisher template from platforms like Godserv.com, Etsy, Creative Market, or Design Bundles, you might find yourself needing to replace images within the template to personalize it. In this tutorial, we will focus on the “Change Image from File” method in Microsoft Word, which allows you to seamlessly replace photos and image backgrounds in your template. Whether you’re creating invitations, flyers, or any other document, mastering this technique will help you customize your templates effectively. So let’s dive in and learn how to replace images in Microsoft Word templates! Video Tutorial Open the Microsoft Word Template: Begin by opening the Word template you purchased. It could be an invitation, brochure, or any other document you wish to customize. Familiarize yourself with the existing images that need replacement. Locate the Image Placeholder: Identify the image placeholder within the template. It is usually denoted by…    read more