Looking for a one-sheet program for school proms, save the date, Church Anniversary, or birthday party invitations? Check out the beautiful one-sheet programs by Godserv Designs. The one-sheet programs are created with either Microsoft Word (PC or MAC compatible) or Publisher (PC compatible), Adobe Photoshop (PC or MAC compatible), or Canva.com (PC, MAC, MOBILE compatible). They are all 2 sides. Choose the version that is appropriate for you. These templates are editable and gorgeous and can fit with many events.  EVENT PROGRAMS Violet Gold Anniversary Gala Program Violet Gold Anniversary Gala One Sheet Program Canva Template, 2 Sizes 5.5 x 8.5 and 8.5 x 11 inches, is for any anniversary event that has an elegant theme. Created with a violet background and highlighted with gold. Great for Conventions, Conferences, Banquets, Dinner Dances, Tea Parties, Independence Balls, and more.  Advantage Editable on a MAC, PC, or a Mobile device 2 Sizes…    read more