Objective Morality: Nature & Necessity

August 19, 2013 |

Is there any such thing as objective morality or is everyone free to just set and follow personal moral standards? If there is no objective morality why should habitual liars or anyone for that matter, be expected to speak the truth, always or even almost always? If the rightness or wrongness of acts, motives/attitudes depend on how individuals feel then morality is hopelessly subjective and everyone has a right to do as one pleases. Objective morality rescues us from this dilemma. But what is meant by objective morality? The ‘objective’ in objective morality simply means independent of any particular person’s feelings and value judgments on the moral issue in question. As Philosopher Paul Copan says “…morality is objective in that it isn’t a function of individual or cultural preferences, opinions, or responses. Morality is objective in that it is recognized and discovered rather than invented by humans.” (“True for you…    read more 

A Conversation With God

A Conversation With God

October 17, 2012 |

I came to a season in life where nothing made sense to me anymore. There came a time in my life when God was calling me deeper. The place I was in at that time of life could no longer contain my destiny. I had to go deeper, deeper into God so that I could grow enough to embrace my new destiny. New wine cannot be placed in old wineskins. The old wineskins may burst. For the first time in my life, through heartache and pain, I had to go deeper! This is how this book came into existence. This is my pursuit of conversations with God. I had come to a point in life where I wanted to know his thoughts. Price $12.99

Breathtaking Creattica Images Inspired by Nature

September 10, 2010 |

One of the things that continues to inspire artist is the natural things around us. Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world, physical world, or material world. As we look around us we are inspired by all the beauty that God has created for us to enjoy, water, fire,  plants, animals, birds, fishes, clouds, rainbows, etc. God has given us the ability to imagine and design varied amount of images, in our minds and these images spill out on the canvas as beautiful pieces of art. Creattica a gallery of great design and inspirational imagery showcases the artwork  of some amazing artist. Below you will find some breathtaking images from their archives inspired by nature. Enjoy! [sam id=3 codes=’false’]   [sam id=3 codes=’false’] [sam id=3 codes=’false’]  

Love The Lord Your God by Fadi

Love The Lord Your God With All Your Heart

May 7, 2010 |

I woke up around 5:30 this particular morning and I had to take this photo! It is a photo of the moon above Toronto seen through my bedroom window. I love the red shade in the curtain, the ceiling, and my table lamp. My alarm clock says “5:49”, and that’s because I spent 20 min in the balcony listening to the birds, watching the moon, but mostly taking photos. I even took a 30 seconds long video of the birds chirping (He he! I learned the word “chirp” from Dr. Stanley!) . But it is this photo, taken from inside, that captivated me mostly. This photo reminds me of certain times. You see when I go to crowded places for a prolonged period of time, I like to take few minutes to be alone with God. I’ve never told this to anybody because the people who know me, think that…    read more 

Why Believe in Genesis – Part 1

June 24, 2009 |

Why should we, as Christians, continue to believe in the genesis accounts of creation? We grow up in a society that teaches us about evolution and that the world began from one big cosmic bang and that our ultimate origins are from cosmic dust that fell from space to the earth and formed a primordial soup which eventually, over millions of years, formed all life here on earth. Some Christians believe that the evolutionary process may have been used by God in His creative process. Some have started to blend both ideas, but God did not proclaim in His word, that He used such processes to create anything. Human beings are born with the innate sense of discovery, we want to know how the entire universe and the earth came to be, how it all began?, why we are here? and who made us? Why is that? The book of…    read more