Communion Gif Animation

Free Communion Gif Animation

November 24, 2012 |

The Free Communion Gif Animation is for Christian  Church Communion Services. Designed with the cross, bread, and animated glowing wine, symbolizing God’s precious blood that was shed on the cross for our sins. The download package has two files, one with a dark background and another with a light background. Communion Gif Animation can be inserted into a PowerPoint presentation or converted to an mp4 movie for usage with any projection program.  DOWNLOAD Visit VideoHive to Buy Premium Church Videos

A Conversation With God

A Conversation With God

October 17, 2012 |

I came to a season in life where nothing made sense to me anymore. There came a time in my life when God was calling me deeper. The place I was in at that time of life could no longer contain my destiny. I had to go deeper, deeper into God so that I could grow enough to embrace my new destiny. New wine cannot be placed in old wineskins. The old wineskins may burst. For the first time in my life, through heartache and pain, I had to go deeper! This is how this book came into existence. This is my pursuit of conversations with God. I had come to a point in life where I wanted to know his thoughts. Price $12.99

The Word That Satisfies Our Thirst

December 13, 2010 |

The Lord fills us with His word, the more we drink of the Living waters and eat of His word, the more in the likeness of His image we become…. for it is written to all who would hear and are thirsty and do hunger after Christ Jesus: Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. – Isaiah 55:1 You see, the invitation here is made to all. ‘Everyone’ is entreated to come. It is not offered to the elect only, or to the rich, the great, the noble; but it is made to all. He came for us, the sinner. Our best is filthy rags. It is impossible to conceive of language more universal in its nature than this, and while this stands in the Word of…    read more