Create a Magazine Cover using Photoshop and InDesign CS5: This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a magazine cover. We will be using Photoshop and InDesign to create different aspects of the cover. My last magazine cover tutorial was created using only Photoshop. In this version we will use InDesign for better type management and Output for printing. Let’s get started! Final Image   Resource Second Jerusalem Temple model from Stock.xchng Portrait Girl in a Scarf from Stock.xchng Gold Grunge 5 from Stock.xchng Gold Grunge 4 from Stock.xchng Add City Boy Font from Dafont Barcode Font by BarcodeInc [sociallocker] Step 1 The first thing you should do is a little research on the type of magazine cover you want to create. The style will depend on your topic. The types of magazine cover you can make is only limited to your imagination. Since we want our design to look professional,…    read more