The Eye is the Lamp of the Body – Part 2

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From this point on I will try to use the word ‘sensual’ more often when I describe a sexual sin, because I think a lot of Christians indulge in the sensual, thinking it is ok as long as they have not went far enough to commit the physical sexual sin. This way I think we will be able to connect the world ‘sensual’ with ‘sinful’ better.

3) Remind yourself of God’s promises to you.

You see, a lot of His promises to us are conditional, for example, if you are careless with money He is unlikely to entrust you with a lot of money. So ask yourself the question: if you are lustful man or woman, why would God give you that godly wife or husband you desire?

It is important to remember that God doesn’t just say “no” to sin, He almost always has something better in mind. I think most of the time God’s answer, as Dr. Charles Stanley puts it, “No, I have something better!” After all, He is our loving heavenly Father.

Ask God for personal promises to strengthen your faith and refreshes your spirit. God has given me many, some are general and some are so specific that I have not told anyone about them.

4) Don’t go near anything that might tempt you to lust.

I remember how in 2003 when God freed me from pornography I decided that I would not read any worldly magazines. Then one day as I was reading the daily newspaper I realized it was as full of lustful images, and thoughts. I mean, half of it is about “entertainment” and “celebrities” which is as worldly and ungodly as they get; of course, you can always avoid this half. But even the other half if full of ads that show semi naked bodies that advertise plastic surgeries, and asking for sexy voices, and all that filth of the world. So I decided I would not read the newspaper anymore.

Of course, in the beginning that was difficult because I was used to reading it every morning, but it didn’t take me long to realize the change in my morning routine and the peace I felt. And you know what? I don’t miss the news a bit, actually I am happier this way. (Why would I want to start my day by reading about explosions, homicides, accidental shooting, food poisoning, and car accidents!)

Now, I spend all my bus rides talking to God.

5) Remind yourself that you are not your own and that He paid the price for your soul and He owns you and your purpose is to bring Him glory. And of course, sin dishonour’s God and displeases Him.

For some reason, we can remind ourselves hundred times a day that we do not belong to ourselves and that we belong to Him and between those hundred times we forget that! I don’t know why it is so hard to remember, may be because our ideas of slavery are full of injustice, oppression, and cruelty. And that’s because our ideas about ‘slave masters’ are taken from human examples. But I believe the happiest Christian is the one who is totally and completely surrendered to His master and God, Jesus Christ.

Of course, there are many Biblical truths that can help us resist sin, but until we learn to resist sin because of our love for Him and because we do not desire to dishonour His name among the nations we will always be vulnerable to sin. Until we love God so much that God can stake His reputation on us like He did with Job and our Lord Jesus Christ, and that is to love Him for Himself and not for what He gives us then we have not hated sin yet. Therefore, it is essential to surrender to His will at all times because obedience is about Him, while sin is all about us.

1 Corinthians 10:31:

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

6) You absolutely cannot resist Satan on your own without the help of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t care how many Bible verses you memorize, remind yourself of, pray, etc. If the Son has not set you free, then you are not free.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

Few years ago I was asked by my sister’s family to go with them to Wonderland but I didn’t want to because I knew I had a problem with resisting lust and the girls who visit Wonderland dress in very ungodly way. But because my sister’s family kept insisting and my mom did too I agreed to.

Needless to say the whole time I hated it there because I obviously was looking at the bodies of the girls there. After a couple of hours I had enough and was so angry with God and so I told Him that I didn’t want to sin against Him but I couldn’t help it! And that I was not going to keep kicking against my sinful desire to lust and won’t keep my eyes on the ground anymore! So I finally lifted my head up and looked around me like a normal person would do, but this time I didn’t have the desire to look at girls’ bodies anymore! I felt free from the power of sin, and it was very liberating and joyful. It was like being able to breath and enjoy normal life without having to deal with sin! All I wanted to say is this: if the Holy Spirit won’t free you then you won’t be free. And as long as you are trying in your own power to resist sin and Satan than you have a lost battle.

7) You already have what it takes to resist Satan and not fall into sin.

This point is kind of Part B of the point above, but I believe there is a lot of misunderstanding among Christians about what it takes to resist sin. About two years ago I went to pray and asked God, “Lord, help me overcome sin, give me strength, help me focus on you. Holy Spirit live in me, enable me to live a holy and blameless life.” Well, that was not a one time prayer–that pretty much was my daily prayer and attitude toward resisting sin. As if God was seeing my struggle and in respond to it He let me listen to a message by Dr. Charles Stanley, and all I can remember from the message are words to the like of:

“Stop fretting, worrying, and struggling with yourself to resist sin! Stop asking God to send you help because He has already sent God the Holy Spirit to live in you and He won’t send you anything or anyone else to help you! If the Holy Spirit can’t make you live holy no one or thing can! You already have all you need to live a righteous life!”

That sermon got my attention like no other message in a long time especially the last line, “You already have all you need to live a righteous life!” I thought, “I do?! Yes, I do!” Of course I can’t tell you how grateful I am for those godly and wise words from Dr. Stanley and that enabled me to live and see myself as a victorious Christian rather than a helpless sinner. (More about this is explained later in this writing.)

The message applies to you too if you are a Christian: You already have all you need to live a pure life—you have the Holy Spirit within you who is stronger than Satan who is in the world! And all you need is the Holy Spirit, and the best way to get the Holy Spirit working in your life is to start by talking to Him daily (throughout the day; not only in devotional time), and to be sensitive to His voice, and obey Him.

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    Great thoughts! Thanks for taking the time. I grew up with the teaching that the Holy Spirit only worked in me through the word of God. But it has been through the word of God that I recently (in the past couple of years) discovered the Holy Spirit lives and works IN me! I cannot say exactly how, but I believe He does. I believe I have the personal help of THE God of the universe. Awesome! (Eph. 1:13-14; 1 Cor. 6:19; Rom. 8:9-17)

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    Some very wise words of advice.

    Please pray for me as I learn to become more dependent on God

    • Godserv

      Will do Daniel – I pray that you will always lean and trust in Jesus and always be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit who leads you in the way of God. In the bad times and the good times, in the ups and downs. Keep praying and studying the Word so that your strength and faith in God can be molded into what God ultimately want in you.

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