How to Edit Photoshop Template Gradient Layer Style

October 21, 2017| Godserv Designs
Gradient Layer Style - Gradient Editor Photoshop

Knowing how to Edit a Photoshop Template Gradient Layer Style is important, because many Photoshop Templates uses gradient layer effects for lighting, shading, background color and more. A gradient is basically a transition of one color to another. In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to edit a Gradient Layer Style (Effect) that is in a Photoshop Template.

Template Used

Church Anniversary Events Rack Card Template

Application Requirement

Photoshop CS3 or higher

How to Edit Photoshop Template Gradient Layer Style

Open your layer palette and find the layer that has a gradient layer style applied to it. In this case the layer is named ‘Gradient Overlay” – this layer has a gradient overlay effect on it that you will need to edit in order to change the gradient color. This template has a black to purple gradient. We will be changing the Purple to Blue.

How to Edit Photoshop Template Gradient Layer Style

Click the small arrow that is pointing down on the right of the ‘Gradient Overlay” layer, then double click the gradient overlay effect to bring up the “Layer Style” Panel.

Photoshop Layer Styles panel

Then Click The Gradient to bring up the “Gradient Editor” panel Photoshop Gradient Editor - Color Stop
 Click on the “Color Stop” for the  gradient color you want to edit (The middle color stop is for the Purple)
Gradient Editor Photoshop
 Click the Color Box to Bring up the ‘Color Picker” for the Color Stop
Photoshop Color Picker
 Choose the color you want with the “Color Picker” – in this case we will be choosing a blue.
Choose Color with Photoshop Color Picker
 You can then Click “OK” to save the settings on each panel to apply your color change.
Now that we have absorbed the basic technique of editing Photoshop gradients contained in a template, you can use the steps to edit other Layer Effects. Getting to the editor panel for most folks is usually the problem if you do not know Photoshop. Please try one of our templates which have color coded and carefully arranged layers, similar to the one use for this tutorial.
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