Who is God – Part One

November 9, 2009| 001FJ

Who is God by Fadi

A first glance this colorful paper strip looks just like a normal two sided band of paper, but at a closer look it becomes obvious that this strip of paper is by no means normal in the sense it has only one side—this is called a Mobius strip. A regular paper band has two sides: an outer side and an inner one which you can trace separately. A Mobius strip however has only one side: if you point your finger tip at any point of its surface and move it in any direction you will realize that your finger tip is covering all of its side. Unlike a two sided band you don’t need to take your finger tip off of one side to trace the other.

The reason I made this colorful Mobius strip and photographed it, is that recently I’ve been thinking about who God is. Not that I don’t know Him or that I am alienated from Him, but the more I know Him the more I realize I don’t know anything about Him in comparison to how much more there is to know about Him. His nature and character’s countless dimensions have been very obvious in my life lately.


Who is God by Fadi

Who is God by Fadi


The first thing happened was directly after I wrote, “How Great is Our God“. After I wrote about how great our God is, I kept thinking how big He must be to create huge things such as the moon, the sun, the planets, and the stars…basically the whole universe. I thought to myself, “For God to create the universe He probably needed a bigger base to start His work from!” Then one day in a two hours lecture few months ago I was bored out of my mind and looking down on a sheet of paper I saw this extremely small red insect which I named Squiggle and started playing with it to pass time. I had seen so many of them in Iraq but I never actually knew what they are called; and the ones I had seen were usually green. Squiggle was so tiny it actually got stuck on the little ink on the tip of my pen! When I finally was able to free it and put it back on the paper it kept walking around trying to get the ink off of its tiny legs because the little ink residue weighed it down and it couldn’t walk properly. I measured the area it took Squiggle to walk around and get its legs clean and it was less than 3×3 mm (about 0.12×0.12 inches)! Squiggle couldn’t even get out of the pen holder groove on the desk because they were so deep and steep for it. At the end of the lecture I bent too close to Squiggle that it was blown away by my breath off of the desk and unto the carpet. (I never saw Squiggle again!)

When I came home I searched the web to find what kind of insect Squiggle was and it turned out that it was a tick! By the way, ticks can be extremely dangerous and you should never handle them by bare skin. (Good thing I never did!) As I was searching for Squiggle’s insect type I came across another tiny insect (the smallest in its class of insects), which was described as having “…complete circulatory, nervous, and reproduction systems.” That shocked me! The hands that made the universe made a complete circulatory, nervous, and reproduction system in an insect that has a couple millimeters wings span! I thought to myself, “Just when I thought I was getting close to grasp God’s greatness (which is a blasphemy by itself to think that I, mere human, can fathom infinite God) He surprised me by turning to a completely different direction, tiny creations, that displays His greatness just as much as in the big things do!” That opened my eyes to a different direction, or rather dimension, of who God is.

That’s not the only time God has surprised me by His character. Two weeks ago I got two midterms back and I had gotten good grades which made me happy, and I thought that God had blessed me—that I was witnessing His work in my life. That same day I had a midterm late in the evening and I did very bad on it and after the midterm as I was going home I realized that I was not bothered by my performance on the midterm, that I was peaceful and content, and I realized God was doing His greatest work then in my failure not in my passing. I could hear Him tell me,

“Fadi, remember those prayers you have prayed over the years, ‘Lord, let me put my emotional security, my emotional wholeness only in You’, well now you are witnessing the answer to those prayers.”

All day long I had thought God’s biggest blessings were my good grades on those midterms, only for Him to show me that His biggest work was to be done later in my failure.

How to Make a Mobius Strip

What aspect of life surprises you about God? share your thoughts in the comments section below:

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4 thoughts on “Who is God – Part One”

  1. 7immy

    God can go even smaller like the megaphragma caribea at 0.17mm! and smaller still. Bacteria as small as 0.2-0.3 micro-meters and atoms that keep on getting smaller the more we divide them even maybe into infinity…
    If we go back the other way, All these atoms are then able to create cells and bacteria and then us, then trees then buildings then the earth then the sun then our galaxy and others like it and then the universe! who big is that? no one knows.

    Don’t now if this is correct but as we cut into smaller things and always find smaller things (ie atoms and protons) you might think that it could go onto infinity. Also with the largest thing in existence universe, we still haven’t uncovered its size does that go onto infinity as well?

    So as far as I know it could be
    Infinity Small << Known >> Infinity Large

    We can never comprehend or see Infinity. Only God knows All.
    To create infinity means he must be bigger than it WOW! Is that possible? for someone who claims to have created everything then YES!

    Isaiah 55:8-9 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.

    1. loswl

      Oh! that is awesome! every time man thinks he has figured out something about our world, there is always more, God has surely placed His fingerprint on everything.

      I always thought the Universe (as far as size) was infinite but only God Knows 🙂 It is very interesting that even though our world is so complex, God still made it relatively easy for us to figure it out, especially with mathematics, somehow the more we figure out, the more there is to know.

      I love this verse of scripture:

      “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

  2. Elsalioness

    Very interesting take on God. Thank your for sharing your photo. I am going to ponder on it more.:)

  3. starsky

    That’s a very cool experiment with the mobius strip. I think about the greatness of God in life whenever He can use something bad for good and also in my own life that He figures out the desire of my heart and fulfill them in a way that I did not expect. I see how the mobius strip makes you understand God a little better, it’s like no matter how life is cut, bad or good, God is always in it, using it for His glory and our benefit. Sometimes, it’s to open our eyes and at other times its to warn us and then at others, just to show us how much he care and love us. Praise God.

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