50 Stunning Christian Wallpapers

March 24, 2010 - By 

In this article, I have chosen 50 stunning Christian wallpapers directly from our Flickr Group. Wallpapers are the first thing that inspires us when we turn on our computers. The more inspirational, beautiful, and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination.

Christian Wallpapers, as simple as they may be, never fail to provide a fresh perspective of the world around us. However, desktop wallpapers can go far beyond being a colorful decoration. They can also be a source of Biblical inspiration and a great tool to spread the Gospel of Christ.  Check them out, share, and enjoy them!

To Download: Click the image you want.  After It loads – Click the Download Link at Top – Image will load in a new window – Right Click it and choose “Save Image As”.

Acoustic Melodies Christian wallpapers by PHATBOYid


War Sky by by jakedillard

War Sky

Our Rock by SeraphimChris

Our Rock

Ezekiel 37:26 by pixel8design

Ezekiel 37:26

Don’t Die In It by SeraphimChris

Don't Die In It
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True Love by Joe Cavazos

True Love Wallpaper

A Child by kristen-wspoon

A Child

So Save Me by pixel8design

So Save Me Wallpaper! :: A Christian Band from Michigan!

Life 3D by loswl

Life 3D

The Divine Spark by Dennis Morren

The Divine Spark

Love by Amydeanne


The Tractor by Forgiven!

The Tractor

Radical Life of Jesus Christ by dilios

Living out the Radical Life of Jesus Christ

RENU by loswl

Create A Cool Typography Effect in Photoshop-Tutorial

Ransom by a message


O Come Emmanuel by pro-vidence


Love Won At Calvary by justuspixels

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Harvest of Truth by ArteZoe

Harvest of Truth

Bountiful Harvest by ArteZoe

Bountiful Harvest

Jesus is my Savior by Rooted

Jesus is my Savior

Sinner by Phillysoul11


No Fear in Love by PhilipcDavis

No Fear in Love

The Ghost by bryansclark

"The Ghost" - LifeChurch.tv

Covetous by jadgraphics


Vigilant by jadgraphics


Mothers Love by divine fusion design

graphic series

Wait by godserv


Burning Sun by Danilo Friolani

Burning Sun

Emergency Phone Numbers by loswl

Emergency Phone Numbers

Light of the World by forgiven!

Light of the World

I Surrender All by forgiven!

I surrender all

It’s A Beautiful World by Shameful Designs

its a beautiful world

Behold by Brent Nelson


The Amazing Grace Project by ingephotography

The Amazing Grace Project

Time Is Almost Up by SeraphimChris

Time Is Almost Up

Evolution by David Choate


No Other God by loswl


Now faith by Katrina

Heb 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Lost & Found by snow55

Lost & Found 2

The Grace of God by SeraphimChris

The Grace of God

Friendly Swim by Brent Nelson


Be by by -:v:-:a:-:n:-:e:-


And for Dessert by chrislilleheim

And for dessert: Cliché

Peace Be Still by Godserv

Peace Be Still
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Train Up A Child by loswl

Train Up A Child

One Man and His Dog by loswl

One Man and His Dog

Praying in Color by Joe Cavazos

Christian Wallpapers

  • Excellent, thanks for sharing!! God bless you all!!

  • Great job, God bless..


  • Thanks. Using it for my desktop. You are a blessing

  • I “just happened” to come across your site today and I absolutely love these wallpapers! I believe that God is doing a very awesome work thru you; God bless you!

  • hey dude 🙂

    Check Out This my Free Wallpaper #Christian Stuning


  • Can i download it ? any links?
    thanks =)

  • Thank you so much for the beautiful wallpapers. May the Lord bless you and the work of your hands. 🙂

  • May the Good Lord Bless u satisfactorily

  • There was some great wallpapers today, and I am looking forward to posting them on facebook..

    Thanks and have a blessed day!!!!

  • Great wallpapers. Love them. The Lord bless you with a great blessing!

  • what a great service for GOD and our one and only JESUS !! Thank YOU

  • Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  • These are incredible! Thank you so much! I’m going to post these on my FB and Twitter account.

    In Christ Jesus

  • Great Work!!!!!I love it!!!

  • hi,
    I love the wall papers and I also wanna create few like those.. How can I??

    • Get a good bible commentary or bible study bible and study the word of God. Learn how to use photoshop and do a lot of tutorials to increase your skills. Study new techniques and styles and try to create some wallpapers that are unique and biblically based. I suggest psdtuts.com for tutorials on using photoshop.

  • This is great designing… and to know its for the furtherance of the gospel is awesome. Thank you for yielding yourself to the calling of the Most High.
    Now my laptop has gospel wallpapers alone…

    I Thank God for You

  • These are awesome wallpapers, thanks for post, be blessed

  • Really beautiful collection. Great Quality. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for all the wallpapers….all are very nice…Praise the Lord

  • WOW ! Just wow ! These are absolutely amazing! Thank you.

  • No labor is in vain for the lord. You shout the Lord’s fame with those brilliant pieces of work. thank u

  • Truly Gifted Hands from the Lord!
    A Very Wonderful collections, truly inspiring, 101% THUMBS UP. Totally Referrable Site!

    Glad I came accross this site!

  • Franklin Purushotham April 6, 2012 at 9:52 am

    It’s too good.. awesome, wonderful, colorful, artistic, brilliant,..now I am speechless… I’ve been looking for such masterpiece since ages, I am glad I have found them now. What a way to glorify God by having them on our desktops… imagine at India when I do my presentations, meetings, with colleagues who are all ignorant of the Lord will be well reminded of… whenever I minimize my desktop..Praise God for such good work!

  • Words are not enough to thank u for this awesome collections. I love them. This will b ur reward……………..GOD BLESS YOU

  • Really Wonderful collections.. Praise God..!!

  • u guys are doing a wonderful job…GBU…

  • Very cool. I look forward to see more (especially in very hiqh resolutions!) 🙂

  • i loved most of the wallpapers…really beautiful and creative! <3

  • Wow, awesome wallpaper. I hope you don’t mind, I would like to use some of these on my own site for lack of better art.

  • really awesome.. I am blessed..

  • u r shining in the abundant grace,continue in d goodwork.

  • u are a blessing.

  • very nice pics i like this pics

  • thank for all your effort to show the love of God and work of God in our life. its a very good piece of work may True God blee this site. Amen.



  • Christian Wallpapers May 25, 2011 at 2:03 am

    Great Christian wallpaper collection. I particularly liked ‘peace be still’ and Amazing grace. Thanks for the share.

  • Men, these are good.I pray that the God who has begun this good work in you, will perfect it. None of your steps shall slide. In Jesus name

  • These really are amazing… This is the kind off stuff that helps me to keep growing in my faith and walking with God… I believe that Jesus is my Saviour and with out him, I wouldnt be able to have a relationship with my Real Father in heaven…. Keep this up because you are changing the world, step by step.

    Your sister in Christ <3

  • Hi… “just awesome” are the words i can say… loved most of them.. Ain’t we got potential here in the Kingdom of God?… yea, we do have… look at you..

    Jesus bless.

    Tx a ton.

  • Simple, Clean, message oriented, Awesome. God bless all who works for his glory. May you all and your work for our Saviour be richly blessed.Amen and amen…

  • Awesome piece of work!! God bless u wit more creativity for His glory!

  • As we’d say in Jamaica, these pix bazzle! I’m definitely going to hold on to some of these.

  • Love them all! Thank you for these guys! God bless you

  • William R Cosgrove January 9, 2011 at 7:51 am

    I have only visited your site a few times up to date. I have downloaded a few of your wallpapers and posted them to my desktop, and let me simply say how delighted I am of the graphical design & colors; not to mention how clean, crisp, distinct and vivid they are. Very nice in comparison to many others I have used. I think I will stay awhile!!!



  • All wallpapers are a highlight, thanks for posting such beautiful wallpapers.

  • Can i also submit some wallpapers?

  • It was really stunning..looking forward to see your next posts..God bless you more!!

  • Peace of God and his mercy shall envelope the world despite the crisis situation rocking the world at the moment someday one day and very sure with my whole heart in my frequent vision the whole world will stand rite before the almighty to defend our deeds before his throne, I keep asking the citizen of the world will you be there? am sure by His grace i shall be THERE.

  • wow. just, wow. continue to be a blessing through graphic design. i love everything here!

  • Awesome post! I see at least a few that will be on my desktop shortly. Keep up the great work everyone!

  • WOAH! Thank you SO much! I had NO CLUE some of my designs got up there! (hm… so that must be why those two are getting the most views on Flickr). Kudos to the other designers as well, you give me something to strive for, as well as inspiration! Awesome work everyone!

    <3 pixel8design

  • WOW Thanx ALot!!! I love them!!!!! =) GOD BLESS You
    thanx for sharing!

  • Allan Dias Velasque March 31, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Graça e paz, o meu nome é Allan e sou de Cuiabá, Brasil. Eu faço parte de um grupo de jovens da igreja presbiteriana e gostamos muito do trabalho desse site. Nós estamos precisando de uma logomarca para o nosso grupo de jovens e eu gostaria de saber se é possível que ela seja desenvolvida por vocês e qual o custo disso?

    (Grace and peace, my name is Allan and I’m from Cuiaba, Brazil. I am part of a youth group of the Presbyterian church and we love the work of this site. We need a logo for our youth group and I wonder if it’s possible that it is designed for you and what it cost?)

  • Honored to be included. Thank you : )

  • O_O wow these are great man!!! they are just beautiful man, Great post tnx for the feature.

  • Stunning, especially the wallpapers with typography. Thank you:)

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