Learn The Basics of Color Focus Editing in Photoshop CS5

September 30, 2010| van der Hoeven

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn the Basics of Color Focus Editing or selective color, the post-processing technique where most of a photo is converted to black and white, but some parts are left in color to draw the viewer’s eye. Landscape photography is the most common application for this technique. Colorful leaves in an otherwise drab scene can breathe life into a photo. This technique can be applied to any genre, but portraits and landscapes are the usual beneficiaries. Buckle up people, lets get into this exciting tutorial! its gonna be a wild ride!

Final image

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Here are some examples of images that I created using the same technique, check out my Flickr Profile for more examples.

IMG_2965 by Tyler A. van der Hoeven


Peek'a'boo Pumpkin Patch by Tyler A. van der Hoeven

Peek’a’boo Pumpkin Patch by Tyler A. van der Hoeven



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11 thoughts on “Learn The Basics of Color Focus Editing in Photoshop CS5”

    1. Tyler

      Absolutely! It may be a little different procedure but the elements remain the same. One black and white image layer on top of a color image with holes punched in the black and white layer via layer mask.

  1. someone

    Dude something i don’t understand… You use Adobe bridge 5 and… when i open picture i click on one but it pops me to Adobe cs3. How can i open the color”bar”

  2. mathilde

    I’m french and I discovered your work for a month, I love IT! It’s amazing and so beautiful^^ Thanks to you cause now I’m able to do this on photoshop!

  3. loswl

    This a cool tut Tyler, really showed me some new techniques that I could use in my designs, I love how you separated the color from the black and white…NICE! 🙂

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