Brilliant Bokeh Wallpapers

November 30, 2009| Legion of Skills

Bokeh Wallpapers – In photography, bokeh is the blur or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. If you want to create your own, try this tutorial: Bokeh usually occurs at the parts of the scene that is outside the depth of field. Photographers sometimes deliberately use a shallow focus technique to create images with prominent out-of-focus regions. Today you can find bokeh being used in graphic design, below you will find a mixture of bokeh captured by the camera lens and some created in graphic design software. enjoy! Try these cool Bokeh Wallpapers and share them with a friend.




iBokeh by Conny Lundgren



Magenta Bokeh

Magenta Bokeh by pricer45



Make Photoshop Faster

Make Photoshop Faster by Dan Rubin



Digital Bokeh Effect

Digital Bokeh Effect by mo0nshine



Bokeh Wallpaper

Bokeh Wallpaper by Pixel Fantasy



Bokeh by `-kol

Bokeh by `-kol




Bokeh by celiaaa



It Started As Snow

It Started As Snow, Part 1 by Idle Type



Bokeh Wallpaper

Bokeh Wallpaper by filipe-ps



Ubuntu Bokeh

Ubuntu Bokeh by ttk1opc



Digital Bokeh Wallpaper

Digital Bokeh Wallpaper by eXelement



Bokeh Art

Bokeh Art by noobieku



Blue Bokeh Effect Texture

Blue Bokeh Effect Texture by lilapurple




Hexillus by minimanjapan




2009-03-17 by Sora05




DBS by kal-el84



Epileptic Dreams

Epileptic Dreams by FxSanyi




Galaxy by MamoMamo


Bokehdot Galaxy

Bokehdot Galaxy by gthing



Tutorial Fun

Tutorial Fun by Shortie111



Worship Background

4—17 by Zach Fonville



Worship Background

4—18 by Zach Fonville



Worship Background

4—19 by Zach Fonville



Worship Background

4—20 by Zach Fonville



Bokeh Wallpaper

Bokeh20 by Forrest Cavale



Christmas Design

Christmas Design by Samuel Kaylor



Multi-Color Bokeh Graphic

Multi-Color Bokeh Graphic by Jordan Wiseman



My Heart Burns

My Heart Burns by Josué Ribeiro




Background by Zach Ennis



Spirit Poured Out

Spirit Poured Out by loswl



My Hope

My Hope by loswl



Precepts of the Lord

Precepts of the Lord by loswl



Passion of Christ

Passion of Christ by loswl


Godserv Designs

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11 thoughts on “Brilliant Bokeh Wallpapers”

  1. HollyWood Wallpapers

    Awesome collection of wallpapers but you know what you have done… have solved a big problem of mine and shown me the way how to create these wallpapers by giving the link of your tutorial in the text. I also comment on that post too after reading it. Gonna subscribe you 😉


    1. loswl Post author

      Most of these are Creative Commons, you would have to check the sites where they are linked from, to get the proper license.

  2. Site Reviver

    Very inspirational collection. One of the pic you shared here gave me an idea about something as well 🙂 Thanks for the useful post.


    WOW, incredible post. Some examples are really amazing, and this effects are the best graphics in this moment. Thanks for sharing!

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