When Friend Rise up Against Friend!

November 19, 2010 |

I was reading this scripture passage from Psalms 41:9 this morning. This verse just stuck out to me as never before. It reminded me of Jesus and Judas, the one who clearly betrayed Jesus, who supped with the Lord at His table. Jesus knew the thoughts and intents of his heart, for the Lord knows what is in the heart of all men and women. Judas supped with Jesus, he was right there with the other disciples, why such betrayal? Do we know why? The Bible tells us such. Even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted his heel against me. Psalm 41:9 As I pondered on the verse, It remind me of how the Lord reveals to us, His children, when we wholeheartedly seek His face for guidance, for His truth in all matters, all areas of our lives. Including when we pray…    read more 

Interview with Jake Dillard

Interview with Jake Dillard

Jake Dillard is a young designer from Oklahoma, he has been designing since he was twelve years old, he loves to play basketball, skate and hang out with his  friends. Jake  also has a love for photography and In our interview, he discusses his process and experiments. So lets get into another great interview! 1. Welcome to INSPIKS, please introduce yourself. Please tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field of Design and Photography? I’m from Muskogee, Oklahoma and I started playing around with Photoshop when I was 12. Pretty much, I just bought my first computer and started playing online games, then gradually worked my way into Photoshop. In January 2010, I bought my camera, so I have been taking pictures since then.   2. How were you led to become a Christian and how does your faith in Jesus Christ impact the way…    read more 

Taking Steps of Faith with Christ

November 8, 2010 |

I was raised in what I would call a semi-Christian home. I was never taught about having a personal relationship with Jesus, but I was taught the real significance behind Christian holidays and I was taught many of the same basic principles of the Bible for living my life. When I was 10 years old, we moved to a new city and some neighbors invited us to attend AWANAS. We began to attend church and by the end of my first year of AWANAS I had given my life to Christ.   During my school years I had a great group of Christian friends and as a result I never got into alcohol or drugs or anything like that. It was really easy in my group to stay on the straight and narrow, which was really cool, but I never felt like I made a difference for Christ while at…    read more 

A Dreamer – Saved to Share The Gospel

October 11, 2010 |

In my previous post A Dreamer – Escaping The Brokenness of Life, I shared with you a little of my life leading up to me being saved and being blessed with a spirit filled husband, today I will share how The Holy Spirit has blessed me with different gifts in order to share the Gospel. I’m a dreamer. I also am given many visions from the Lord. These are gifts from the Holy Spirit, yes. Joel speaks of this [ Joel 2:28 ] and again in  Acts. [ Acts 2:17 ] The journey in Jesus and this walk, is painful and joyous. That is truth. Persecution has come in all different, shapes and sizes. but the outcome of these trials and tribulations is this. Jesus is LORD and He is KING! I become stronger in Christ. To press toward the higher calling in Christ Jesus. To persevere in Him. I…    read more 

Interview with Jad Limcaco

Interview with Jad Limcaco

I am excited to introduce you to Jad Limcaco. Jad is a Long Beach web designer, he also does graphic design, logos and print design. Jad has served as guest blogger here on INSPIKS and have been featured on websites such as Smashing Magazine and Mashable. He is owner of the popular blog, Design Informer and runs a freelance web and graphic design business called Jad Graphics, he also owns Heart Directed a gallery of art directed blog posts from top designers. Jad enjoys blogging and designing, and sharing his experiences with others. Let’s get into the interview!!   1. Welcome to INSPIKS, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field of graphic and web design? Hello everyone, my name is Jad Limcaco and I am a web and graphic designer from Long Beach, CA. I actually got started in…    read more 


Interview with Simi Shonowo

Simi Shonowo is a talented and passionate photographer from Texas, to view her photos is like taking a peek into her soul. Whatever style Simi  uses in her photos, you can bet it will always come out pleasant to the eyes and stimulating to the mind. Simi is also passionate about her faith in Christ, her photos either make you think about God’s beautiful creation and transforming grace or simply makes you chuckle at her refreshing humor. Lets get into this exciting interview. 1. Welcome to INSPIKS, please introduce yourself. Please tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field of Photography? I am Simi Shonowo, artist and scientist. I say artist, because a lot of the things that I do,  has the feel of creating art to it. Also scientist, because I like to know how to make things work, so that I can use…    read more 

Best Websites to Find Free Stock Photos

One of the hardest thing for designers is to find that single image that fits our design idea. Sometimes we spend more time looking for photos than we spend on the actual design, but when we find that one gem of an image it makes a world of difference. That’s why I put this list of the best websites to find stock photos together. The list contains websites that range from free stock photos to free graphic resources. I also included some paid subscription sites, like ShutterStock and Dreamstime and some websites I often use to get free textures and graphic resources. Enjoy!   [sociallocker] Free Stock Photos EveryStockPhoto Search engine for free stock photos and clip art for the stock photography community including images of creative commons and public domain and other free licenses. Flickr Creative Commons All the content on this page is protected by a Attribution License….    read more 

Top Contributors to the INSPIKS Flickr Group

This month we are featuring the top contributors to our INSPIKS Flickr Group. These community members have lend their talented work and shared with us through comments and direct contact via Flickr mail. They have dedicated numerous photos in our group for the sole purpose of bringing praise to God and also to communicate His message through various unique and gifted photographic techniques. We have chosen to highlight their talent in this showcase, but there is much more to see on their Flickr pages and websites. Please visit each contributors link/s to view more of their beautiful work and remember to leave an encouraging comment. We pray that you are blessed by each photo and will give God the glory as you view the world through their lens. SIMIS / Simi Shonowo – A follower of Jesus Christ that lives her life to please Him. She love to tell interested people…    read more 

Interview with Cameron Smith

Interview with Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith is a talented Graphic Designer and Photographer from Peoria, Arizona. I came across his work when I joined one of the most influential groups for Christian Designers on Flickr, the Church Marketing Lab. In today’s interview, we talk a little about Cameron’s design background and his reflection on how churches can use design and marketing successfully. Enjoy! 1.Welcome to INSPIKS, please introduce yourself. Please tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field of Graphic Design? I am Cameron Smith, Visual Ninja and Creative Catalyst. I used to consider myself just a Graphic Designer – but as my work, responsibilities and surroundings have evolved…. I had to come up with something new. I was born and raised in Southern California and recently transplanted my family to Arizona. I’m a self-taught designer, as I suspect many of your readers may be, and I’ve been working…    read more 


Praise Challenge Christian Art

INSPIKS created Christian Art of the 100 days praise challenge. We posted praise scriptures on a daily basis and share them with our readers. The praise challenge was started by our friends over at Each day was geared towards giving praise to God, instead of asking Him for stuff. The 100 Day Praise Challenge started June 22, 2010, and ended September 30, 2010. Praise the Lord even when you don’t feel like it – keep pressing forward and keep praising Him. We guarantee that you will see a growth in your relationship with Him and in any trial that you may be experiencing.   Thanks to all who had a chance to participate, God Bless you! Feel free to use these images in your Church and daily devotions and continue to lift Jesus higher! DOWNLOAD

Powerful use of Typography In Christian Motion Graphics

June 9, 2010 |

Typography is one of the hardest elements of design to master. Motion typography takes type to a whole other level by expressing and communicating ideas with animated text, it involves the combination of movement and sound and it can be a really powerful way of capturing the audience. These videos are prime examples of how Typography can  be used to convey a message in a creative and powerful way. These videos were created by some of the best Christian Motion Graphics Artist. Check them out! Elijah by Bryan Clark That’s My King from Dustin Bankord That’s My King! by Albert Martin Names of Jesus by Joe Perez Psalm 106 by Mothlight Creative Thinking About Eternal by Versa Save the Lost by Salomon The Ten Commandments  by Vit Ryznar Easter from Bjorn Amundsen In The Beginning from Bjorn Amundsen Compassion by Dustin Bankord What is the Church by Dave Tate  

Interview with Jim LePage

Interview with Jim LePage

Jim LePage is a graphic designer and amateur photographer from St. Paul, MN. Jim uses his talent to pursue after God, he also uses his contemporary, sarcastic and fun filled writing style, when communicating what he learns from the Bible. Read some of the articles on his blog and I guarantee you, he will have you laughing out loud and at the same time saying Amen!. Today we will be talking a little with him about design and the Bible and how he has fused the two together in a personal project called “Word”. Ok, lets hear from Jim!   1. Welcome to INSPIKS, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field of Graphic Design? I live in St. Paul, MN which has the best weather in the world for 6 months out of the year. I have an amazing…    read more 

Awesome Christian Design Blogs You Should Follow

April 23, 2010 |

It’s getting harder and harder to get a handle on all the great stuff that’s on the web for christian designers, that’s why I’ve compiled this list of awesome christian design blogs. These sites are a great source of design inspiration, they are straight from my bookmarks, so take a look at them, there just might be something that interest you. Please feel free to share any links you may have that fit into the christian design blog category. enjoy! Caramel Ink The portfolio and blog of Carine, where you can find insights on design techniques and other related articles. Carine has a background in fine art, she enjoys hand crafting beautiful designs while leveraging on latest technology and trends to create designs that stand out from the crowd. Website | Twitter | Facebook | RSS Media Salt Mediasalt is the blog of Eric Murrell and Cleve Persinger. They focus…    read more 

Interview Philip Davis

Interview Philip Davis

Interview Philip Davis: Philip Davis is a young and gifted designer. He calls himself a Photoshop Junkie, Web Enthusiast, Wannabe Philosopher and Jesus Freak. Philip has an immense passion for art and design, his work displays a nice blend of eye candy and inspiration. In this interview, we talk with Philip about his “Designing Through Psalm Challenge” and how he uses it as an extension of his daily devotions. Let’s jump into this interview!   1. Welcome to INSPIKS, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field of Graphic Design? I’m from Laurel Maryland where I’m currently attending the University of Maryland double majoring in marketing and information systems. I have a humongous and awesome family. My interest in design started around six years ago when I started playing around with Microsoft Paint. I would spend hours upon hours trying…    read more 

Sermon Titles

Creative Sermon Title Church Artworks

Creative Sermon Title Church Artworks in this gallery can be used to correspond with your sermon outline or Bible Study.  They work great in PowerPoint presentations or with EasyWorship Presentation software. Sermon Title Art by INSPIKS | Inspirational Pictures is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. [ Image Usage ]


40 Cross Images

40 Cross Images – This post showcases 40 inspirational images of the cross. The cross has become a universal symbol of hope. It is used in relief organizations logos, ambulances, rescue helicopters and on the steeple of churches. In today’s society the cross has different meanings to different people, it is considered to be just another piece of jewelery, a fashion statement or to be used in mythical stories to kill vampires. For the Romans the cross was the ultimate symbol of death and punishment, but like everything that Jesus Christ comes in contact with; the cross became a symbol of life and hope. Jesus’ death on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. by the third century the cross had become so closely associated with Christ it was called the Lords symbol and Christians were called devotees of the Cross. The cross reminds us of God’s act…    read more 

20 Inspirational Palm Sunday Images

This post features images that celebrate Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is a celebration of Jesus Triumphant entry into Jerusalem just before His death on the cross. the day always  fall on the Sunday before Easter Sunday. The event is mentioned in all four  Gospels Mark 11:1-11, Matthew 21:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, and John 12:12-19: .  The day is also called Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion. In many Christian churches, Palm Sunday is marked by the distribution of palm leaves (often tied into crosses) to the assembled worshipers. According to the Gospels, before entering Jerusalem, Jesus was staying at Bethany and Bethphage, and the Gospel of John adds that he had dinner with Lazarus, and his sisters Mary and Martha. While there, Jesus sent two disciples to the village over against them, in order to retrieve a donkey that had been tied up but never been ridden, and to…    read more 


50 Stunning Christian Wallpapers

In this article, I have chosen 50 stunning Christian wallpapers directly from our Flickr Group. Wallpapers are the first thing that inspires us when we turn on our computers. The more inspirational, beautiful, and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination. Christian Wallpapers, as simple as they may be, never fail to provide a fresh perspective of the world around us. However, desktop wallpapers can go far beyond being a colorful decoration. They can also be a source of Biblical inspiration and a great tool to spread the Gospel of Christ.  Check them out, share, and enjoy them! To Download: Click the image you want.  After It loads – Click the Download Link at Top – Image will load in a new window – Right Click it and choose “Save Image As”. Acoustic Melodies Christian wallpapers by PHATBOYid War Sky by by jakedillard Our Rock by SeraphimChris…    read more 


Christian Cell Phone Wallpaper Showcase #1

Wallpaper Showcase 2 – These Cell Phone wallpapers are from the  INSPIKS  Christian Cell Phone Wallpaper group on Flickr.  Here you will find some of the best Christian wallpapers from the group members and some from our own graphic design team. We also have a Cell Phone Wallpaper Gallery here on our blog, which features one hundred plus wallpapers. If you want to create a great wallpaper and share it in our Flickr group, below is a great Photoshop template for starter, have fun and remember to share them!                                     [sam id=3 codes=’false’]                       [sam id=3 codes=’false’]             [sam id=3 codes=’false’]        

Interview with David Choate

Interview with David Choate

David Choate is an extraordinary designer who works as Communication and Design Pastor for Table Rock Fellowship Church. David is one of the best designers working in the Church Marketing industry, he is recognized for his unconventional style, his great use of Typography and clean layouts. In this interview we discuss David’s love for Graphic Design and how it relates to spreading the Gospel of Christ. This exciting interview will help us to learn more about his process, work, and inspiration. so here we go!   1. Welcome to INSPIKS, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field ? I am from Medford, Oregon. I have a beautiful wife, Samantha, and three great children. I work  at Table Rock Fellowship Church. I was originally hired to be the high school pastor, but when my senior pastor decided to introduce more…    read more 

Interview with Mark Lawrence

Interview with Mark Lawrence

  Interview with Mark Lawrence – In this interview, Mark Lawrence, shares with us his passion for art combined with the word of God, if you have never seen his work before, then you are in for a treat. Mark Lawrence has one of the most extensive and expressive digital Fine Art collection. Mark is one of the most humble and motivated artists that you will ever come across and this is reflected in the quality and content of his work. Lets get into this interview!   1. Welcome to INSPIKS, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field ? I was born the oldest of four boys and raised mostly in Florida. My family wound up in the northern suburbs of Atlanta where we all still live within a 20 mile radius of each other. Ever since grade school…    read more 


Inspirational Christian Wallpapers

November 30, 2009 |

Inspirational Christian Wallpapers made with Photoshop and other graphics tools. The combination of the Word of God, poetry, commentaries, and inspired artistry, makes this gallery unique. It’s geared towards bringing people into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and keeping our minds on Him. Wallpaper/Desktop Images can be a great conversational piece with which you can use and influence someone into the Biblical teachings on which you rely on daily. Please use our share tools at the end of this page to tell your friends about this great resource. DOWNLOAD Wallpapers by INSPIKS are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States


Massive Roundup of Christian Cell Phone Wallpapers

November 26, 2009 |

Christian Cell Phone Wallpapers – Cell Phone wallpapers are pretty cool, if you do a search on Google, you will find that there are plenty out there for the masses. Inspiks however, decided to create a Christian Cell Phone Wallpaper group over at Flickr. We also have a Cell Phone Wallpaper Gallery here on our blog, which features nearly 100 wallpapers and growing. Below you will find some of the best wallpapers from our Flickr group members and some from our own graphic designers. Download and share them. If you want to create a great wallpaper and share it in our Flickr group, here is a great Photoshop template for starter, have fun and remember to share them! [singlepic=397,100,100] [download id=5] Light of The World by pk Christmas by josephreygan Day  by loswl Creation: DMK  by loswl Got Jesus by jorgeabalderas Bring Them Home Lord! by godserv Newness of Life by…    read more